Olympic Skating champion announces plans to challenge Santos

Sarah Hughes, the last US women to win an Olympic Figure Skating singles gold medal has announced she’ll run for Santos’ district.

No political experience, but certainly a better LEGIT resume than Santos.

Yale undergrad, Penn law degree, worked for a law firm, now getting an MBA at Stanford.


Maybe this will happen first.

She was a surrogate outreach coordinator for Hillary Clinton ‘s 2016 presidential campaign and was appointed by President Joe Biden as an ambassador to Belize in December.

Impressive lol. Hopefully Republicans can replace Santos.

Coogcheese, NY would be a perfect place for you to live. I can help you navigate Zillow cuz I know websites are hard.

She’d be an awesome candidate. To start, all her accomplishments are easily verified. Not to mention, she’s not a criminal.


That’s a Michelle Kwan. Not Sarah Hughes.

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Anyway, I found her LinkedIn profile.

As it turns out, she is currently pursuing TWO Master’s degrees at Stanford.

Should she finish both, and get elected, she’d be about the most educated person in Congress.

There’s something to be said for that, even if I disagree with her politics.


Don’t confuse him with facts.

Ironically, Santos seems to be the one skating on thin ice.


Too funny !

Now I’m picturing Santos in an ice skating competition with Hughes.