OMG oak island

That never ending joke show is back in Jan. They must have found one gold nugget.

Oak Island = Aggie / Longhorn quest for National Championship. A lot of talk and not a lot of real action.


Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah !

Christmas came early for me this year. This is THE
season Marty and Ricky have a no holds barred wrestling match
over the treasures.

Yeah – TV money.

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Haven’t they dug up the whole freaking island by now?


That show is such a waste of air space. Need to call it “Fantasy Island”, but I wouldn’t do that to Tattoo and Mr. Roarke.

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Just watch it for the blonde archeologist.

I can’t believe I’ve been watching this show for 8 years. LOL


It’s so hard to watch because nothing ever is really found. Except excuses.

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I stopped and I wish my bro had not recommend. My gf and I were super into it for a while. Then not so much. If I want to watch a show about nothing there is always Seinfeld.

I love the ‘metal detector expert’. Is that a certificate? A degree? He is always swinging his metal detector around and then makes whoever is with him dig it up for him. Pretentious ass.

My nephew got a metal detector for Christmas. He is just as good as the ‘expert’.

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Also, are they not worried about drilling into priceless artifacts and ruining them?

What are they gonna drill into? An acorn or Al Capone’s safe? Where’s Geraldo? :unicorn:

They have drilled all over the island plus just off the island in marsh areas. The island will probably sink now.

It is going to definitely flip over like Guam.

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