On Cougars: Nickel takes center stage in UH's defense

Imagine the disappointment Grant Stuard felt when he arrived at Houston only to find out the nickel back position he was best suited to play basically did not exist.

“That’s what I came here to play, so I was a little bummed out last year,” Stuard said.

In Dana Holgorsen’s first season as Cougars coach, the nickel has evolved from an afterthought in the UH defense to a position now listed weekly on the official depth chart.


Last Sunday @ OU, I watched Stuard play hard and fast. He was going 100 mph and when he got to the ball, he would hammer the ball carrier. I’m not a football coach. I don’t know if he was in position or out of position, but I do know that he gave great effort. He did not take plays off, he did not quit regardless of the score, and when he got to the ball carrier, he was in a foul mood. I loved his effort. He went all-out every play.

Go Coogs. Peace.


I’d like to see Stuard play closer to the line. If he doesn’t have the lateral quickness to stay in front of the WR, he could at least knock him off his route or jam him. He tends to get stacked and finds himself trailing the original route. That would pull the safety over to help.

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