On the border

So in one of the nomination speeches someone said “the border crisis caused by [Biden, Dems, Harris, Hillary, anyone but them, Beuller?] is killing Americans everyday”.

Really? Lying can hazardous :warning: And people cry :sob: over people getting banned on private platforms over the kind of lies and suggestions that are a lot more hazardous :radioactive:

Tribalism is overrated and kind of explains the mess we’re [meaning the entire planet, not just here] in.

So, what to do on the border and is it really really a crisis?

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Yep, made worse by the Biden administration.


Wheres the lie???

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It’s not a “crisis” but a problem that could be handled better. To those that
live in fear, it probably does seem like a “crisis”. To those that get fed the Murdoch
media and drink from Qanon fountains it’s a “crisis”. It’s all they are told.

The “murdering Americans everyday” sounds like typical hyperbole. Its mostly a lie,
but would love to see hard data that supports that claim.

To the Qanons here, go buy four or five more handguns or ARs to hide in every room of your house
and don’t forget the bathrooms and garages. It’s the protection you need so you can feel safe and sleep with the lights off. Those immigrants are well armed with knives, machetes, and handguns don’t you know. Amirite ?

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“Killing Americans everyday”?

See, that’s the kind of absurd shît low intelligence people want to believe, treat as gospel and never research.

We can discuss how different administrations handled immigration since 1836 but to infer any one person or any one party is responsible for people showing up at the border is an insult one’s own intelligence but hey, it works.

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Someone said a few days ago they the Mexican mafia would be running our cities in less than 10 years.

Someone said a few decades ago…

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Meaning people have been saying this forever?

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I mean, what would be the chance of that?

It was a pretty good restaurant bak in the day.

i said that.

pretty cool you guys quoting me in threads i did not make a post in.

houston police department is 6258 officers as of 2020. in 2 years, over 3 million illegals have come in. biden admin, even this week with his speech; has shown they are not serious about stopping that. so, easy math says 6 million illegals under the biden term.

it is known that mexican cartels are running things on the mexican side of the border mostly to make money with drugs. if they get enough cartel illegals thru, its pretty easy to outnumber the houston cops in order to use houston’s capabilities as a major city to sell and move drugs thru.
seems quite reasonable. thats what i would do. if not houston, then use dallas.


true. that’s mostly to get the base revved up, but plenty of americans have been killed by illegals, think there’s a group, angels; that are parents of americans killed by illegals.

did not have to happen if the border was closed, both parties, fed and state; have decades of blame for it. trump actually did the most to resolve the border.

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Did you really just basically give us Cyrus’s speech from The Warriors about taking over a city? I mean if you’re going to do it do it right, finish it up with a …


never seen the warriors, before my time

I didn’t even remember who said it, just that it was crazy so it stuck with me.

Glad I made you feel pretty cool.


No one mentioned your name. Is there something amiss or something? :thinking:


Can you believe this?
How asinine is this?

Your own local texastribune, hardly a rightwing news media source.

Purposely you are writing this.
The lack of self awareness…atrocious.

Undocumented immigrants commit crime including violent crime at much lower rates than native born Americans.


They are here to take over our cities with their gangs!


Well now I’m on this kick, guess I know what I’ll be watching later tonight.

Here’s what I say to all those city taking over gangs…