On the border

Again…I didn’t. again…I didn’t pay zero attention. Both can be true at the same time. Another possibility is I don’t recall. My short term memory is not good.

Take 10 minutes. Just watch the footage of the rioters smashing windows to get inside. That’s enough to realize what Trump inspired. There isn’t an opinion to be held. Police lines were crossed, police were assaulted, and rioters broke into both chambers of Congress. Not a tour.

I asked a direct question because you were not clear.

The fact that you did not see that means you didn’t pay attention, at all. It was one of the more famous parts about that day.

Explains a lot about the right’s blinders about 1/6.

Way off base…again. I don’t know why this is a big deal to you. I guess you just try to find anything to start an argument. Have fun with that. I’m going to focus on the game while you focus on me.

OK, good luck. Not being argumentative, but it was literally one of the biggest stories of that day.

And I’m watching the game, and chewing gum and walking, all at once.

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Pics or it didn’t happen :rofl::rofl:

I don’t do selfies anymore. Too old.

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Tucker is going to show us video on how they were just tourists…

It was Antifa crisis actors that incited them.

They were all turned back.

Let my people in. :laughing::laughing:

there were also other border points the border patrol had to beef up as illegals were massing.

nothing to see here, no possible overrun of the border points in the future coming; move along. wont have any affects of houston either. btw, i got some beachfront property in arizona for sale if you believe that.

Online rumor causes rush, according to this article.

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in the news today, the border patrol chief said to the congress people that held hearings on the border that they do not have control of the border, also said the reason why is because of policy in other words the biden admin and finished saying it would have been best to keep the policies of the former admin or trump.

guy may be fired tomorrow but put the blame on the border one biden, 100%

i suppose thats great news that we dont have control of the border for you all in houston, a short 6 hour drive away and probably much less as if youre crossing the border illegally a speed limit probably doesnt mean much either.

What he said was a lot more nuanced than that.

What I read of the testimony was very informative. As we have discussed before this is a political football both parties toss back and forth gaining yards but scoring no points.

Certainly people who are very concerned about the border should pay close attention to the actions of ALL our lawmakers when it comes to how they address the funding needs and overall. I think that is something often overlooked when we focus more on the policy rather than the resources available.

Two reports I read.

Border chief asks House panel to boost migrant processing - Roll Call.

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Texas’ unique plan to close the border looks promising

Texas’ unique plan to close the border looks promising

“Texas lawmakers are proposing legislation that makes it a state felony to cross the border from Mexico illegally and create a new border police force that could deputize private citizens, the latest in the state’s continued push to test the limits of the federal government’s authority over immigration.”

well, well, well. abbott, who most conservatives think isnt doing squat to protect texans starting to step up, maybe you guys in houston will be okay after all. not because biden did anything to protect you, but a republican did.

@LHCOOG Are you saying that Operation Lonestar isn’t doing anything?


At least this one is credited with being factual.