On the border

What he said was a lot more nuanced than that.

What I read of the testimony was very informative. As we have discussed before this is a political football both parties toss back and forth gaining yards but scoring no points.

Certainly people who are very concerned about the border should pay close attention to the actions of ALL our lawmakers when it comes to how they address the funding needs and overall. I think that is something often overlooked when we focus more on the policy rather than the resources available.

Two reports I read.

Border chief asks House panel to boost migrant processing - Roll Call.

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Texas’ unique plan to close the border looks promising

Texas’ unique plan to close the border looks promising

“Texas lawmakers are proposing legislation that makes it a state felony to cross the border from Mexico illegally and create a new border police force that could deputize private citizens, the latest in the state’s continued push to test the limits of the federal government’s authority over immigration.”

well, well, well. abbott, who most conservatives think isnt doing squat to protect texans starting to step up, maybe you guys in houston will be okay after all. not because biden did anything to protect you, but a republican did.

@LHCOOG Are you saying that Operation Lonestar isn’t doing anything?


At least this one is credited with being factual.

I think he is.

Sounds stupid to me.

“Deputize private citizens “……so in other words it’s let’s give racists a badge and gun and protect them legally when the beat the crap out of or kill people looking for a better life”
And no, it’s not going to dissuade anyone….he’ll, three square meals and a bed? Sign me up brother….you guys just don’t get it……at all.

And yeah, you MAGA’s complain about the money being spent to deal with immigration and the border….let’s make it a felony and put them in Texas prisons, how much is that gonna cost.

There’s a movie :movie_camera: I think you should watch……it’s called “ A Day Without a Mexican”….


Yep, what could possibly go wrong with just deputizing people to guard the border.

Only a matter of time before they start shooting at immigrants still on the.mexican side to scare them or kill them.

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very little of it would make news that there were successes by politicians that came up with it.

i’m going to ignore the racist deputies comment, just advise; dont drink or smoke dope and post.

there’s no cause that deputies will just start shooting anyone they think crossed the border, but a lot like a neighborhood watch makes a neighborhood safer, so will southern bororder deputies.

but on the subject of you post, i’m suprised that hasnt happend already by some nut, or a border guy that has had enough or some border resident that has had his property trashed for the 20th time by illegals. one pissed off guy with a rifle could almost set of a us-mexico war and all because joe biden won secure the border as he is duty bound to do.

That made absolutely zero sense.

My question to you, do you believe that Abbott is doing nothing about the border?

Don’t know, seems like that might make your last couple of posts more comprehensible.

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Yeah, he didn’t say that so you’re safe to ignore it.

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really ? rule one in politics is if you make a policy change and its affects would be supported by the people who would support you and give you money to get re-elected; you make that well known when that policy has affects.

so, he’s not doing a lot in lonestar or its not having a lot of results or it would be known.

i cant help you much further.

Ok that was more clear.

you’d be wrong duce360.

ok, i’m out on this thread for a while; i’m having to repeat myself and others for duce; i’m not duce’s remedial assistant.

That was me. And I wouldn’t be wrong. You responded and quoted the wrong post. Look again.

You’re welcome for the remedial message board help. :joy:


Not even you, it was pollard. Dude may not be anyone’s remedial assistant, but definitely remedial.

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Where did i say racist deputies?

Did Trump not suggest shooting immigrants on the mexican side? It would only be a matter of time before one of Trumps deputized zealots did shoot them.

I told him @CgrBkr didn’t make the racist deputy comment. He then said someone else (Duce) was wrong instead of me because someone besides @cgrbkr (pollard) said it.

Lol, so much wrong in his post that it gets confusing.


How could I be wrong (or right) about something I didn’t say? I said nothing about the merits of the proposed legislation.

When you come back from your self imposed break, you should have someone reread some of the last few posts you’ve made. Some are completely incoherent, which is why I asked the same question again. Then you gave some clarification but even that took the scenic route to get there. Hope you’re feeling ok, @LHCOOG.