On the border

hey, i’ve reversed my position on the border, keep it wide open !

got a relative that had a liver transplant, not an alcoholic, they will rarely transplant alcoholics. and is going 18 years wasnt supposed to make it past 7. anyways docs say if another one is needed its not a problem because of all the fetynal deaths they got plenty of good organs laying around.
so i figure keep that border open and let the kids OD on the drugs coming over so we all got lots of organs to pick from if we need them.

Good for you. That was a story.

EDIT: Lots of lies in your tale, per usual.

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Border news hasn’t been bad enough so we get stuff like that.


So there’s hope for you, even though you laid out a cynical morbid bound thought process to come that point. Welcome aboard

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What do you do if it’s a “Mexican’s liver” ooh yucky :nauseated_face:, that darn thing probably doesn’t even speak English!!!

Plus, what if your relative wakes up and tries to “rape your woman”!!!

Better be careful….hold out on a “white liver”. :joy:

Sounds like the liver of a census taker. Does white liver taste like chicken? And would your pair it with a nice chianti?


These guys wanted to start a war on the border.