One of the Suspended Aggies Arrested for Marijuana

Houston Chronicle Report.

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7.7 ounces is a lot of grass. He’s lucky he wasnt hit with a trafficking or an intent to distribute.


lol - surely the “inner circles” and hs coaches warned the coaching staff about these issues

i heard tons about one of their recruits and what he did in high school just by sitting down at a game somewhere so surely they know what they’re getting

for real though. A gram would last me a couple weeks. If it’s for sole purpose, the kid must be highly functional with that much intake :laughing:


He had 3 big gallon bags so he got off better than expected bc they could have gotten him for intent to sell with that much.

However they need to make it legal but that is another discussion

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Evaluate :arrow_right: recruit.

To many teams chase stars and ignore whether a player will fit the team’s culture.

I guess if a coach does not emphasize culture, any player will fit. Offer goes to the highest rated star player.