One Proud UH Cougar

As a long time Houston Cougar I am overwhelmed with joy for this 12 win season (only 3rd time in our history) and a victory over Auburn in a bowl game! We have come so far as a University and a FB team . We need to celebrate ! Fellow Coogs please voice your approval of the Coaches,Players,Admin et al ! They deserve it by staying the course through adversity and finishing the year on a huge high note !

Go Coogs !
We have huge momentum for next year !


If this isn’t the greatest year in the history of UH athletics, it has to be right up there. Final four, admittance to the B12, bowl win. Football and basketball ranked, etc.


I would argue the 2015 year was better, but yes this definitely was a great year.


This year was so unexpected. That’s what makes it extra special.

Congrats to CDH and the entire team!


Maybe a slight edge to 2015 but imo FSU was not any better than Auburn.
And that loss at UConn on ‘15 still has many of us scratching our heads


From a total Cougar athletic point of view this was my favorite year of all time. We have had better teams in both sports but given from where we have come back from, this was the best year ever.

The sky is the limit from here.


I mean I don’t think anyone expected the results of the 2015 season. Most fans were predicting 9 wins but I don’t think anyone expected the end of the season to go the way it did so there is that. Either way it feels good to not be depressed going into the off season for once.

2015 didn’t start off like Texas Tech! :grinning:

Optimism was through the roof with our new shiny toy CTH…completely different expectations IMHO.

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And Greg Ward was a more proven QB going into 2015… Tune had to silence the doubters this year… Me included.

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Amazing year to be a Coog!

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Me too

Given his molding of the team I would rank him as one of the top ten coaches in the nation

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