One Shining Moment - 2018

Coogs made it in there a few times including a Rob Gray shot and they show the Michigan buzzer beater in there as well.

Note: I haven’t watched a single second of live college basketball since the Coogs were eliminated…usually I watch as much as I can. Just heart-broken, but also ready to move on.


Go back and watch Villanova and see what is possible for the coogs to become.

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A few years ago at a UH of fan gathering coach Sampson basically said that the team was going to be guard heavy, similar to a successful Big East team. And that was before Villanova had won a recent national championship. He has already been successful with that model and should be more successful in the future with the players he is bringing in and developing.


This. Thank goodness for the Rockets and Astros to suffice my Houston sports fix.


Y’all missed some epic games then. Kansas-Duke was an all-timer.

And Villanova is a pleasure to watch. They’re so good, so well-coached.

My takeaway is that I didn’t see a single team other than Villanova that we weren’t capable of beating. I can’t wait for next year.


Don’t forget 16 finally beating 1.

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This season is tied with the 2015 football team as my all time favorites being a cougar. What makes this feel better is that we know coach Sampson is here to stay for the foreseeable future!


I agree, Whoosehouse2008! What is especially encouraging to me is that Sampson has been able to do this with what I understand to have been the worst facilities in the conference. Just imagine what he’ll be able to do over the next several years with these new facilities and the current momentum. I really believe we have a good shot at going back to the final four over the course of the next five years.

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Heck - we just might have missed it this year by two missed free throws and a winning miracle shot from the next county - by a player who had been missing such shots all game!

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I try to watch one shining moment every year. But this year I knew the Michigan shot would probably be featured pretty heavily so no thanks for now. Maybe during the summer.