Only one school makes sense to the pac 12

If the Pac-12 were to expand, one school stands as the clear No. 1 pick


Makes total sense to me.


I stopped reading after this

“ Because in our expansion universe, the Pac-12 would have made the decision to invite at least two flawed candidates — it would have adjusted the barriers for entry.”

Because even the writer says we aren’t an option unless there’s a parallel universe.

Don’t be coming around here with logic and sense. There is no place for that tomfoolery in today’s college football landscape.


Expanded to 60k, our stadium would be like the 5th largest stadium lol I didn’t realize how small a lot of the stadiums are in the pac12. WSU is only 33k according to collegegridirons dot com.


“So from here, it’s clear: In the Pac-12’s expansion universe, Houston is the no-brainer No. 1 pick.”
————— Jon Wilner

The writer is more neutral and honest than a lot of Pessimistic Petes over at this forum who do nothing but trying to convince everybody UH is not a good option for the PAC! With fans like that who needs rivals!


I was ready to dismiss the article but location, PAC12 beat writer, Heisman voter, AP football and basketball voter gives him some credence.

Jon Wilner has been covering college sports for decades and is an AP top-25 football and basketball voter as well as a Heisman Trophy voter. He was named Beat Writer of the Year in 2013 by the Football Writers Association of America for his coverage of the Pac-12, won first place for feature writing in 2016 in the Associated Press Sports Editors writing contest and is a five-time APSE honoree.


Like my watertowers traveling partner stated … “makes total sense”

An interesting statement …

"Once Oklahoma and Texas depart, the Big 12 will have zero presence in the vast southeast Texas region.

The SEC will certainly be king, but there is room for a prince. The Pac-12 must fill that void before the ACC arrives."

Prince UofH … eh … the interesting tidbit is filling the void before the ACC arrives …

Where is there any mention anywhere that the ACC maybe arriving in SE Texas …

All good points the author hit on

no, he’s saying Houston is a no brainer but the problem is who to bring with Houston.


And yet we have a bunch of knuckleheads (Some are probably fake UH fans) keep telling us die-hard UH fans that our school is not good enough for the PAC! Frankly, I’m tired of their put-downs and doom’n’gloom outlook for our school! All they do is repeating the same lies spread by the Bonghorns and Ags for years and years! It’s always refreshing to see an opinion from an outsider whose opinion is based on facts and it matched perfectly to what I have known all along — that UH is the best fit and the most qualified candidate for the PAC! No amount of spinning and lying could change that fact!


Since 2013, Houston’s football program has drawn an average of 3.33 million viewers on the main broadcast networks (Fox, ESPN, ABC, CBS) when facing Power Five opponents.


Second only to oregon of the pac 12 over the same time period



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Uhh … there are great numbers of recruits in the VAST SE TX (UofH) region …

None in the OkSt region that the Sooners haven’t snatched up already …

None in the TT region of tumble weeds jackrabbits and sand storms …

Both Az schools mirror the TT region … 'cept they have some nice catuses to boot …

At this point it would be total guess …

Interesting that the day before the announcement, Wilner puts this out there. He is a known west coast writer.


I remember the character John Milner from the film “American Graffiti.” When I first saw the writer’s name, I thought maybe this Jon Wilner was a pen name related to that film character.

The TT people keep saying they have a strong presence in DFW, I would like to see the numbers quantified and if that would help in recruiting in the Metroplex.

The author failed to mention that the PAC already has some “flawed” schools of its own. And most of them have the same last name, “State”.

Anyway, the “natural” additional school to add to the PAC would be Colorado State, But, Colorado-Boulder would never allow that to happen unless it occurred in the same way that Texas A&M (finally) “allowed” UT to join the SEC.

They don’t. If they did, they would be #2 on PAC expansion list