Open the books

For all to see. This website has facts, just facts.

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It has facts for sure but I have a hard time believing that a site linking to Newsmax videos is “just facts.”


Here you go. Facts are facts rtcoog. You can’t deny the truth.

What? Lol

It is a good site because it explains with facts how our taxes are spent. Now you can understand/digest it any which way you want.

It’s a good site with good info but Newsmax videos editorializing things isn’t “just facts.”


What is the difference between cnn and newsmax? Go ahead.

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That’s not the point at all. In fact, it’s a deflection. I’d say the same thing if CNN was editorializing the data. You said it was “just facts.” I’m saying it clearly isn’t.


This site is about facts, only facts. newsmax highlights frivolous spending. Do you have a problem with that? It is our money not D.C’s.

Sigh. It’s blowhards from Newsmax’s opinion on it and we know the bias they have.

The site has good info. It’s just not all facts. That is clear but continue on denying something that’s crystal clear.


rtcoog you bring up newsmax. The exact same thing can be said about cnn. This site is not about newsmax. It is about how our taxes are spent.

I know the same can be said about cnn. No one is disputing it. I’m saying Newsmax isn’t just facts. Neither is cnn but cnn isn’t on this site so why would I talk about it?


Would cnn speak or report about frivolous spending?

A quick Google check shows that it has. So does other more moderate sources like AP, Reuters, etc.

Or even less biased sites like Fox News or WSJ (both lean right, fox pretty far) which are far less biased than Newsmax.

In any case, “just facts” would include no reporting or commentary. It would just be… facts.


May god bless you for trying to bring context into a discusion but he doesn’t care. This new site is his newest toy to post from. His lack of self awareness is astonishing.


I bring up:

Why oh why don’t you comment on what the website exposes?

Because you won’t listen to reason, you only believe what you want to believe is right…even when you are proven wrong (it happens often)…you just double down or post gifs like a child throwing a tantrum.


…and you are right?
Now what about

I don’t have any desire to dig in at the moment. If you have anything to bring up, please do. Otherwise, I don’t know what your point is.

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Forbes removed Adam Andrzejewski, founder and CEO of, as a contributor.

Andrzejewski talks transparency but is he not transparent about his motives, politics or bias.

In his articles he may sprinkle a fact and he then builds misinformation around it (lies).