Opponent Watch: 2017 UTSA

Good write-up on UTSA’s offense last season:

2016 UTSA Offense Season Review
The Roadrunners headed in a completely different offensive direction under a new coaching staff, arriving at positive but mixed results.


This is a very dangerous way to open the this coming season

I think we win, but is closer than people would hope. UTSA is improving, but they are still a middling CUSA team. They lost their two best Olinemen and their defense is suspect. It is an away game, and the Alamodome is a raucous environment even half full because of the roof and concrete.

I live here in SA. Anyone interested in a get together before the game?


Yes, and I would say the chances of my friends and I are going to that away game are about 95%.

They like to start their home games at 6p unless slotted for ESPN, which we have been recently because of our great ratings while being bent over the fence financially.

The best way to get to the stadium is park and ride from Crossroads mall at Loop 410 and I-10W on the central NW side of town. It is only $2.50 and drops you off right/picks you up at the stadium. Downtown SA is horrendous for parking and charges high rates.

For those wanting a get together, SA TexMex can’t be beat. There is a hole-in-the-wall called La Cazadora, I mean small (seats maybe 20-25 people) that has the best TexMex in SA. Great puffy tacos! I know the owners. Good place to eat and near Crossroads. For Burgers and beer, I suggest the original Longhorn Cafe off of Blanco, just S of Loop 1604. Great Chicken Fried Steak!

I am excited for next year’s opener.


Two of the largest story lines of the spring have seemingly found optimal resolutions. UTSA’s offensive line looked markedly improved throughout the duration of the scrimmage thanks to the addition of two new offensive tackles. Sophomore junior college transfer Josh Dunlop manhandled his competition at left tackle thanks to his agility and 6’7” wingspan. It’s just one practice but Dunlop showed future all-conference potential.

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That’s too high in my opinion.On the road, with a new coach, breaking in a new QB. Frank Wilson has been recruiting on par with UH the last couple of years. The talent gap isn’t there like it was before.


Maybe last year, but not the last couple of years. Per 247 in 2016, UH was #36 in the nation and tops in the AAC. UTSA was 107th and #11 in CUSA

I agree. The talent gap is not only smaller but we no longer have Greg Ward to escape from the pocket for big plays when all else fails. Allen is unproven and to this point looks turnover prone with limited ability to run the ball. I’m not saying he can’t run but he won’t be much of a threat which will allow defenses to focus less on QB scrambles. The OL is also rebuilt and unproven, and WR is thin. Plus, it’s the first game of the year and UTSA historically plays well against big opponents.

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According to the Team Talent rankings done by 247, based on their composite rankings for all those currently on the roster, UH is #52 and UTSA is #98.

Some related rankings:
Arizona #40
Texas Tech #44
USF #53
Cincinatti #58
UCF #66

They also lost their all-everything RB, Jarveon Williams. Kid was a beast at Judson, and if I’m not mistaken, started all 4 years while at UTSA.

I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll win this by 14+.

How so? We lost one WR from last year (Chance Allen) who was good but not great. We have Dunbar and Bonner back, plus all the young guys from last year who hopefully will contribute a bit more this year. I think worst case scenario we stand pat at WR from last year.

Where we should put UTSA away is on defense. Our front 7 is going to be really good again this year.

If we have any semblance of an OL Allen will bring things to the table Ward did not. He certainly can throw the ball deep with some degree of accuracy…and he certainly has the wheels to run for first downs. Hopefully we get some production from our running backs, something we did not get a year ago…

I’ve been wondering if ward’s running ability, limited passing ability and UH’s formations made it easier for defenses to press the UH offensive line rather than drop back and contain the passing game. Allen could force defenses to drop back which would allow for the running game to get going this season.

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In all fairness, Ward played most of last season with a nagging shoulder injury. Teams knew that and brought the safeties up knowing he was not going to throw the ball deep. Most of really big runs were Ward running for his life. We will miss him, no doubt, because he was a gutsy leader and one to never throw up the white flag.
But Allen brings a new gun slinger attitude and I think defenses will have to do things differently. That’s a good point about his passing ability opening up our regular running game. We want Allen to run when he has to but sliding to safety…lol


I have a feeling that our fan base is more concerned with our issues rather than our positives when projecting wins/losses which is logical considering so many unknowns we face this upcoming season. But try to apply that same mentality as if you were the other teams fan base. “How are we gonna stop Ed Oliver and the rest of the DL?”

I don’t know. I’m a balance guy and I don’t like to lean too heavily to either optimism or pessimism. Either way you look at it we won’t know the type of team the '17 cougars are until they’ve played a couple of games.

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I’m so happy about this

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