Opponent Watch - UCF plans George O'Leary statue

This one is a bit questionable:

Building a monument to insensitivity: UCF plans George O’Leary statue
O’Leary is a pillar of UCF football, but also has a muddled history

Interesting, based on last season what does a participation ribbon look like in bronze!

Actually if they made a statue or him in his make believe alma mater football unis of which he never played a down nor lettered as his resume stated for 3 years … AND … him holding a certificate of his masters degree at the mythical NY school he created … then yes that would be about right.

And put it where the nittany lions placed Paterno’s statue … oh yeah forgot … they melted it for scrap metal …

Is that what really happened to it? Last I heard they had put it away in storage somewhere. Probably hoping ol’ JoePa would somehow be vindicated. Yeah, right!

George O’Leary killed a player. Never forget.

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