Opposing bands

Seeing the Grambling band at our stadium on Saturday sparked some talk amidst our crew that more opposing bands will come when we’re in the Big 12 – Texas Tech, TCU and Baylor for sure. Maybe Oklahoma State. That will be fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the UT and A&M bands back in the SWC days.


Gotta bite my tongue but Agy is the best I have seen.


I’m biased, as a Former Student from an Aggie family. The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is pure entertainment. Probably won’t be liked after this, if I even was at all :wink:


Give me the SWAC bands any Saturday. They are great entertainers. Traditional marching bands aren’t my thing – nothing wrong with them but not my preference.


I enjoy the SWAC bands too. I’ve watched the Battle of the Bands, love the drumlines.

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You and I are just the opposite David; I can’t stand those blaring SWAC bands. I much prefer traditional college marching bands, maybe because I was raised watching LSU’s marching band.

BTW, I still think one of the funniest band stories was when the aggie band got so mixed up they had to stop mid performance and leave the field because students at a opposing school (I think it was Rice) kept blowing whistles that caused members to make turns prematurely. I know the aggies didn’t think it was funny, but about everyone else did. But, yes the aggie band normally puts on impressive precision performances.


Ohio State has a pretty good band… Dot The i.


Aggie Band is great at drills but they are a terrible band unless you like hearing the same 10 military songs on repeat.


I like watching ATM band but grambling was great last weekend….that was truly entertaining

They are great at marching in straight lines.

I don’t know anything about marching bands but why does our band not sound nearly as loud as the other bands?

I noticed that too but I also noted that Grambling had 2x the tubas.

Now, I will wait for the band folks to school me on “those aren’t tubas! they are euphoniums!” or whatever their official name is.

I was raised watching traditional bands as well but something happened to me along the way. I will say though you are getting the better end of that deal because I get maybe one home game out of six or seven with a SWAC band!!!

Ohio State and it’s not close.

Aggies march. Ohio State entertains in pure art form. They do animation!


Bands don’t mean much now with cause these games are scripted and designed to keep the bands silent. Timeouts are made for the 100 foot jumbotron. Grambling barely played the other night. There was 5 minutes of commercials sandwiched between a kickoff. That’s the future of FBS football.

but I’ll take a game the band plays something worth hearing than boring music - there’s a reason now we hear so much music played over the loudspeakers cause bands don’t vibe with the players

Nothing is better than Script Ohio. Nothing

We would need a bigger band for Script Houston

The Aggie Band is good but they aren’t this good.

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Y’all don’t like Rice band?

I think Rice was funny once in 1974.

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I’ve had so many people tell me the Ag band is the greatest my whole life…can’t help but dislike them.

Truth be told, I use halftime to hit the bathroom and try to find a spot where the wifi works for a few minutes.

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I not a Rice MOB fan, but their final show in the SWC when they were playing A&M was great. They formed the aTm logo on the field an added an E on each side, so it read EaTmE.

And the announcer droned about how much they’ll miss A&M, closing by saying…“Drop us a line…or your résumé.” Good stuff.

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