Opt Out Question

Didn’t realize this was a hot topic:


Tech reported a number of football players with Covid today. Hoping we are just doing a better job of quarantining.


Great response by Dana!

Who asked that question? Duarte?

Considering we haven’t had any more infections of COVID since our initial group of players and this has happended in the hottest COVID city in the state between June to mid-August, we must be doing something right?

Houston has improved signifiantly on the COVID front over the past 6 weeks so both UH and Houston deserve a big congrats on our COVID performances.


You hope we are but it’s been the quietest offseason ever in cfb and nfl - folks literally operating in silos

How do we know this? The AD isn’t publishing anything as far as I know, including protocols for when a player gets tested. He said the other day we “haven’t had any more issues,” but that could mean anything from “no cases” to “no symptomatic cases” to “no hospitalizations.”


There have been no positive cases since the beginning of July.


How many tested? How frequently?

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The entire team and staff every week


Did Sedrick Williams change his mind and will be playing?

Would you consider Williams opting out or physically unable to play due to heart complications from having COVID19? To me, it would be the latter. In my opinion, opting out is for those who have no such health problems and decide to forego the season as a precaution to catching COVID19.

He used the term “opt out” when he announced the decision and made it seem like it was just his decision to play or not play.

These numbers at Alabama and A&M are alarming but nothing for football mysteriously?

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I know he used the term “opt out” but think that’s just the common thing people say. However, I don’t think that fits his situation due to his heart condition.


I really don’t care either way what is an official opt out or not, was wondering if he was back playing after hearing the quote.

Thanks, you always give us the strait scoop.


You must be a reporter. I don’t think a fan would ask such questions. Usually fans accept whatever the coach says unless something factual comes out contradicting the coach’s statement.

That is definitely where I stand.

If Williams opted out due to the uncertainty of a shortened season no reason to not play now that it will be a free season for eligibility.