Optimism via The Athletic

Worth the read if you have a sub to The Athletic. In a nutshell…of the four schools entering the Big 12 we look to have the biggest recruiting boost thanks to our location/situation, etc.
A snippet:
“The whole Group of 5 to Power 5 thing is huge, right? The thing it’s going to do is help us with perception,” said Casey Smithson, the director of player personnel at Houston. “Now, in-state schools or other teams you recruit against can’t negatively recruit you in that way, saying that we’re a Group of 5 school. Now we don’t have that hanging over our head.”

The thing that has to be taken into account is how Houston fits into the new footprint. It’s a Texas school that will be recruiting against TCU, Baylor and Texas Tech, but it will also go head-to-head with the rest of the Big 12 schools for talent in the Lone Star State. The state of Texas is the feeding ground for the entire Big 12, and now the Cougars will be on even footing as a member of the Power 5.


Yes…good read. The Athletic comes through again. Money well spent.