OSU Player Has Covid-19

Good thing is OSU doesn’t report until the 15th

I hope he recovers quickly.

I had a COVID19 test yesterday because I go into the hospital for a colonoscopy Friday. Apparently you can’t go into the hospital if you’re sick. Does that sound wierd to you?

BTW, I tested negative.

And he’ll recover just fine.
I wish we would stop reporting every case but I know that is just a fantasy.


Stop the presses!!! It was just reported that he is asymptomatic. Headlines tomorrow:

Young Person Has a Virus But Doesn’t Get Sick

Doggone it, if we have more people catch the virus and not get sick…

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I had surgery last Friday in Houston but no Covid19 test that I know of. The only thing different is that my wife could not come in at all so they called her when I was ready to leave

Remember how the Brooklyn Nets all tested positive and they all died. Or the guy from the Jazz that died. Or the guy from the Broncos that died.

I remember them all testing positive and dying. Or did physically fit under 40 year olds recover?

Not just physically fit, some of the most fit people on earth. They aren’t likely to die from much besides massive trauma. That’s why it is huge news with a professional athlete dies suddenly like Daryl (sp?) Kyle.

Or Ken Caminiti.

His was less of a shock because he admitted to abusing steroids and other risk factors.

Yeah, he overdosed.

He was smoking crack in a hotel room.

Most hospitals are doing COVID testing as part of your pre-admit testing appointment. I’d be surprised if they didn’t do this.

COVID counts at the hospital are going up, by the way. Not unexpected with re-opening and Memorial weekend. In my system, we’re already at threshold of 85% capacity. Abbott has mandated 15% vacancy awaiting a surge.

You don’t want someone with COVID in the general population of the hospital spreading it.


That’s the issue - if someone gets it and shuts down from an asymptotic person. The testing alone is major in terms of finances