OT: B12 needs to capitalize on gymnastics


I’ve been saying for eons that UH needs to add women’s gymnastics.

Shannon Miller is a UH grad.

Simon Biles is a Houstonian.


My dad’s girlfriend has a granddaughter that went to high school in the D/FW Metroplex and got a scholarship to LSU for gymnastics.

UH needs to add Women’s gymnastics and then Men’s soccer. Both would ABSOLUTELY THRIVE here in Houston.


Haven’t both of them said they would absolutely coach here?

Would solve the scholarship issue as well.

Biles has.

And Miller made a tweet strongly supporting the move.

Absolutely….several of the Olympians go and compete for universities afterwards.

Big 12 gymnastics could be every bit as good as the SEC.

How would they capitalize gymnastics? Is there large tv rights, sponsorships, etc available or is it more in the intangible or non monetary type of returns?

Also, what is the cost of starting a new gymnastics program at a university and how much are you willing to donate to get it started?

Folks see a Friday night sec meet in a one horse town with nothing else to do and think it’ll work here just by snapping fingers

Anyone have an extra few million lying around to start it up properly?