OT: Can BYU go 1 game without fighting somebody?

This BYU vs Coastal Csrolina game is GOOD. 14-13 BYU leads at the half.

Bench clearing brawl at the end of the half. BYU qb got double pancaked and fists started flying.

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It’s bc their players are 25 yr old. lol

It’s the reason miss st’s coach said they are older with an advantage. BYU wouldn’t be that good without the extra 2 yrs per player due to missions.

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Funny how they think it’s ok to chop block, cut low and take cheap shots…but when someone dishes it out to them, they’re not so cool with it.

Truly one of the dirtiest teams out there. Zaza Pachulia should’ve played football there.


I like the outcome of this game. :slight_smile:


So CC players absolutely maul the BYU QB, and your take is that BYU is the dirty team? What would your take be if that was Keenum being treated like that? What would you expect from his teammates?


I would assume that CC got an unnecessary roughness penalty on that. That was cheap.

They didn’t get a flag.

BYU tends to be dirty, but not in this case. BYU players had to get in their for the QB no question for me. If that was our QB I’d expect our team to go in guns blazing.


Since Sitake started coaching BYU, the shenanigans have really stopped. Bronco Mendenhall was more permissive of the antics that were considered “dirty”. Mendenhall was similar to Art Briles when he was here. We didn’t exactly always play clean; we were heavily penalized and the fight in the Hawaii Bowl… one of the ugliest things I have ever seen from our program. However, those things aren’t indicative of how a program is as a whole, but more indicative of how a coach runs his program.

That was Hawaii. Hawaii had a lengthy history of this kind of BS–Hawaii and its fans and its mascot.

You’re trying to rewrite history to make a point and to stand up for BYU because you’re LDS.


Did I say that BYU played dirty under Mendenhall? Yes. Do they play dirty under Sitake? No.

Point is, you pulled out one game from nearly 20 years ago that was clearly against a team that had a history of bad behavior. Quite a stretch.

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No, the point is whether BYU is a dirty program as a whole or was it a symptom of a particular coach. That’s the point of this thread.

As an example, I pulled out one game in a four year stretch during which we were one of the most penalized teams in college football. Back then, we used the term “undisciplined” to describe the Briles teams. It is a comparable example to the BYU teams under Mendenhall.

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That end of half nonsense by Coastal Carolina was a pure BS cheap shot. If BYU didn’t come to support their QB in that situation they would be pretty weak. The blame for that fight is 100% on the multiple cheap shots delivered by CC on Zach Wilson.


I have no opinion on Mendenhall. But my point is that you’re trying to hard to make a comparison that just isn’t there.

Briles’ teams were undisciplined. But they weren’t dirty. Those teams had lots of procedure, delay of game, false start kinds of penalties. it was maddening, but it wasn’t dirty.

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Real issue was why did the ref, who witness the whole thing, keep the flag in his pocket ?


Maybe not as dirty, but definitely still a “chippy” team who tries to get under the other team’s skin with little dirty type things. They keep it to little things now and are more composed with it. Most would still say that is dirty, some like a team to be that way. It got our guys this year and made us get a couple personal fouls.

I thought that was out of line by Coastal. If that were happening to our QB I would hope our team would clear the bench and have his back.

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