OT: Coach Sanders

A general question that is not UH specific:
If Deion Sanders performs as promised would you hire him as HC?
Is the issue that he has to be the center of attention, and not the team, an issue?
I can only imagine what it would be with him as HC in a major market.

I would say no.

No reason. I just don’t want to try it.

There is no substitute for coaching experience. See Clyde Drexler.

So far he has a better coaching record than Dana’s UH tenure. He also gets better recruits than Dana.

He also has better home crowd attendance than Dana. If Coach Prime keeps proving himself, he will continue to rise in prominence.

No - the rate FL. St. University is going… I’m sure his next stop will be there - since that is where he played - that is the end game for Deion. Anything before that is a stepping stone.