OT coin toss

I know we won after all, but why the decision to take ball first in first OT?

Pretty sure it was a mistake. It has to be. We gave them the advantage doing so.

But we were first every time

We had choice 1OT and picked ball, utsa had choice 2OT and made us take ball. We had choice 3OT but at that point it’s a shootout so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Holgy’s reaction didn’t give me a “mistake” vibe but I have never seen a team win the toss and take the ball in OT. If he wanted to go against a very big precedent in this, I can only assume he didn’t want to send the defense out there again just after giving up that tying FG.


Good point… D maybe winded. Utsa O had big momentum


Winded after 30 secs of prevent D? I think he went with the hot hand and Tune/ offense but I still don’t like the decision. Glad it worked out but hopefully we choose D if we win the OT coin toss.

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I’d take the ball first and put pressure. I mean, if I was relatively certain I could score. Since they ran Tune several times I assume both guys knew they had that in their pocket and felt confident. I actually think they caught SA off guard with Tune running. If it were someone a bit less mobile I’d probably take defense first.

Maybe this will have people rethinking strategy if your defense is winded. We did win the game. So getting the ball first is 1-0.