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All this must be hitting Fertitta’s pockets pretty hard. Empty restaurants, hotels, casinos and Rockets games. Yikes.

It would be interesting to get an interview from him and later his perspective on the stimulus package.

Yes, the topic is fine, please keep it civil as Johnny says, and as hard as it is keep politics out of it, you can do it. You can reference what the government and local officials may be doing, please don’t opine about it in a political light.

OK EXAMPLE: The CDC announced today yada yada… is okay.

NOT OK EXAMPLE: The CDC are a bunch of morons who are against the color yellow and are walking lock step with the media with their anti-yellow bias… not ok.

Y’all can do it. Hope everyone is holding up.



What about POTUS said this but the CDC says that yada yada what a moron?

You know…facts with some reasonable reactions?


Read in the Chronicle today that Tilman said he has had to temporarily lay off 40,000 workers at his casino, hotel and restaurant empire. He said even the restaurants that are operating by offering take out are only bringing 4 to 5 percent of their capacity. He said restaurants and casinos could be allowed to operate at 30 to 40 percent of capacity. Quote - “I think what we are doing with the shutdown is good but in a few weeks people will need to be around people. Otherwise you are going into an economic crisis that is going take us years to dig ourselves out.”

Not good COOGFANS.

This thing will go for two months. Our economy will go to shit; if you have a job take care of it and hopefully no lay offs in y’alls future. :heart:

I believe that restaurants should go to reduced capacity and allow for space between diners. Limit table sizes to no more than 4 for families.

The financial drain on food industry workers is immense. I can’t imagine what a single mom waitress is having to go through right now. They have to have a way to take care of their children.


I try to get take out at least once a day for my wife and I as she is laid up and is not a big fan of my cooking(which mostly consist of putting frozen meals into the microwave. :pensive:


But even if that happened, the busboys and waiters still go family to family, potentially cross contaminating everyone. That’s no bueno.

The vast majority of Americans are paycheck to paycheck. They can’t go 30-60 days. This is a terrible thing that has been unleashed.

That’s why people are going to get assistance.

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Johnny I have always liked your posts. I don’t know you but I think I would like you. Respectfully this is a terrible thing that is going to unleash far more terrible things.

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Thx, 51! Likewise.

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Yep, Congress just went a long way to providing help. More will likely be needed but it’s a good start.

Randy you and many from the left view this as a chance for a leftist utopia. History has proven that people under duress tend to go either way. Depends on what simple message scared people adopt.

What the left fails to see is we could go FAR to the right. Our history tends towards the far right…look at what we did at critical junctures.

You have me all wrong, my friend. 100% wrong. There are probably some from the board that can attest to that.

I am not from the left at all. In fact, I’m a life long Republican (since I first voted in 2002). I’m not at all motivated by ideology though.

That said, calling this a chance for utopia for anyone is pretty shameful. No one is pushing for that.


I know Randy and I can attest to that. He’s a nice guy and generally a decent human being, anyway :blush:

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Everyone needs to take a deep breath and have the confidence that we’ll get through this crisis.

One lesson learned. When this is said and done, we’ll be stockpiling masks, respirators, ventilators, and other medical equipment for the next time this type of extreme flu comes our way.

Makes you wonder why previous federal administrations didn’t not have the foresight or the resolve to stockpile medical equipment? My bet is that Trump will resolve this medical supply deficiency when this crisis passes into history.

Thanks, JC. Likewise! :grinning:

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