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I know what you mean and I don’t disagree with you. However, Herman was gone after 2 good years.

if Dana had 2 back to back championship appearances, then it would be pretty crazy to say he wouldn’t receive any P2 offers at the time

He may have but he certainly wasn’t when he gave him that huge buyout. We were banking on him repeating something he did once in three years against a pretty awful schedule.

It was a really bad and unnecessary bet. We way overpaid with the buyout in that extension.

I agree. It was a bad decision to give him a buyout.

I’m just saying, from the perspective of UH admins/Pez, you can kinda see why they did that despite it not being justified.

If they didn’t give Dana a buyout, then how would Dana feel in terms of if he feels the school is buying into him?

If he hadn’t gone 12-1, then yeah, a buyout wouldn’t have been justified under any circumstance.

Point is, admins probably expected some sort of continuity going into the Big 12, and they didn’t want to risk losing the momentum by someone poaching Dana (had he been successful)

It’s possible that had he not received the buyout, he would’ve gave more effort following the 12-1 season. His buyout was his safety net (and still is to this day)

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I think that is very possible.

Imagine if Cincinnati didn’t have a season of a lifetime and we won the AAC championship along with the NY6 bowl game.

His buyout and extension would have been insane.

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Well… his contract was automatically up for negotiation because of the Big 12 invite alone

Defeating Auburn and the excitement around that time probably led to emotional/impulsive decision making by Pez/Admins to extend and also put in the buyout

12-1 is not easy… regardless of the schedule.

Everything with Dana’s contract was merely just weird timing and circumstance. If Dana had defeated Texas, he would still be UH head coach right now


I think we would have beaten everyone except for Ohio State, Utah, or Oklahoma State in the 2021 NY6 bowl games.

That’s if we didn’t have any hold outs on our end and also take care of business vs Cincinnati.

By no means did that team deserve to be in a NY6 game. The 2021 team was deeply fraudulent. They had just about the easiest schedule the AAC could have thrown at them, and still almost tripped over their own feet a couple times in conference play.

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The 2015 Peach Bowl team needed some luck with an NFL Super Bowl champ kicker missing for Memphis and a crucial Lamar Jackson interception against Louisville.

Every great team will have a loss or near loss here and there regardless of how easy the schedule was.

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Well you got your wish