Because to technical problems I’ve had on our site I’ve had to change my handle again from originalcoog57 (which represented the year I entered U of H and first became a Cougar) to Coog63 (the year I graduated from law school).
I haven’t been able to post for awhile but I am now back and would proudly like to share my grandson’s HUDL highlights. His team SJS is undefeated. He plays quarterback but has been recruited as an athlete/strong safety. His outstanding grades led to offers from several Ivy League universities.He has committed to Brown University.



Good for him Jim, he can’t go wrong with a degree from Brown. Is he planning on carrying on the Perdue family lawyer banner?

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Mike: None of my grandsons have indicated any interest in a legal career. John aspires to enter business in some capacity. My oldest is looking at medicine(biotechnology) and my youngest is fascinated with computers and technology so I do have a lot of bases covered. Thanks for asking.

Congratulations to you and your grandson.

I had to change mine as well Jim to delmarmared1

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Looks good in the highlights. Cmon Coogfans who is ready to sign this kids coach so we can get him to come to UH.

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Well, a business degree from Brown is a dang good head start. I wish him well in his endeavors.

Congratulations, Jim!

I am glad to see you back ! Please keep us posted on grandson.

Go grab that coog63 Twitter handle as well


You will always be :57

40 years ago I spent my first college year in Providence. A much, much, different part of Providence than Brown. The part that Brown students will never see.

I was lying on my back in some seedy alleyway faced up on a sheet of ice and said God, take me to Houston.

Again, not the beautiful picturesque Providence along the Narragansett.

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My last home port was Quonset Point, RI and I would go into Providence regularly. I went to a different part of Providence as well. I would also go down to Boston occasionally, but didn’t hang around Harvard either. There was an area called the combat zone where a lot of us sailors would frequent. After all, we had a reputation to live down to.


In the 1980s downtown Providence was pretty downtown.

My fun was to go to the Dog Track in Lincoln, RI

I went to one race at the Narragansett race track. At that time my home port was in Norfolk, but I went up to Providence with my buddy who was from there. He was from the tough side; his dad was a bookie and his mom played bingo. That’s how they made their living. His dad gave him a sheet to bet on and we went to the races.

Upon entering, I picked a program up off the floor and it was turned to the 7th race. The 7th horse in the 7th race was a horse named “Sweep the Deck.” Well I thought that was a sign and went to the windows to make a bet and went to the one with no line. My buddy laughed at my pick saying it was a nag and look at the odds. He also laughed when I found out that I had bet to place, which I didn’t know I did, but that was the window I went to.

Well, his horse wouldn’t get into the starting gate and sweep the deck placed 2nd. My $10 bet got me about $200 dollars – more than a month’s pay. Not bad from a guy that just rode in on a turnip truck and had no idea about horse racing.


Well, it looks like your grandson has better touches on his throws than you know who… based on his highlights anyway. I like the fact that his long throws are done in a way that only his receivers could catch the ball and not thrown behind or thrown in between the receiver and the defender, basically turning it into a 50/50 proposition.

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COOGSTER: I appreciate those positive comments. John doesn’t think he will play quarterback, at least at the beginning. The starting Q-back for Brown played at BC before he transferred. I do believe he has the potential down the line to play Q-back but he loves defense. And the coaches have told him on defense he will be a starter next year. As his highlights show he is a tough young man.
His father as a youngster got to meet CBY many ties and I just wish John could have had that privilege.
MIKE: I love your stories. You are a good storyteller.


Jim and Delmarred,
Why did y’all have to change your names here at CF?

Fireman 451: Complicated but essentially I could not get on with my primary e-mail so I had to use a secondary.

Recommendation to All: Go to Account/Preferences & Add a secondary email to your Coogfans account NOW — it will allow you recover if/when you lose access to your primary email

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Examples of good choices would be gmail, yahoo mail, etc.

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Jim Fantastic feelings when the children & grandchildren excel at their pursuits. Especially satisfying when they excel in their educational efforts knowing the longterm value of a great education. Congratulations!


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