OT: Hurricane Beryl

Everybody make it out alive???


Alive, but that’s about it. No electricity of course. Lost part of my fence and it looks like roof will need replacing. Insurance will be little or no help with deductible and depreciation figured in.

Oh well, life in the big city. Hope everyone else fared better!


Over here in the North Shore area we’re out of power although I saw some places open with power this afternoon. Lost a ton of branches but the only tree was a lemon tree in the backyard that was uprooted but didn’t hit anything. Generator is up and running so we’re okay.

Hope everyone was as lucky as we were


good to go in Conroe. power blipped a few times but never was out out.

been a looooong day.

Lost power way before I woke up at 6am. At a hotel enjoying the ac now. The bar tender cooked my gf and me some wings. Delicious. Hope to be back at our place tomorrow.


Lost power at 5 something am and they just came up at 8pm. There was no damage to my house but I did drive out and see fences and trees down in the area including one ripped out of the ground at the root. I am in west houston near the Harris/Ft Bend border.

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Lost power, part of my fence, and discovered 2 leaks in my roof. Technically, the guy who is house sitting while I am in DC discovered the leaks.

We have backup batteries in our house, so at least he’s comfortable.

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Been a bad day for some, a worse day for others and there’s probably a lot of work to be done in the coming weeks.

I hope my fellow CoogFans here and your families are doing as well as they can down there. Stay safe, folks.



HOUSTON — If you’ve been looking for a fleet of power repair trucks and haven’t been able to find them in Houston, there’s a reason. Most out-of-town crews are not yet in Houston to begin repairing the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Beryl.

A CenterPoint spokesperson confirmed to KHOU 11 Investigates that unlike in past hurricanes, outside help was not staged locally before Beryl came rolling through.

Relatively speaking, my family and I are just fine.
No power but running a portable a/c off a generator. Home is in Webster. I evacuated during Ike ao this was my first time at home during a real hurricane and holy moly I wasn’t mentally prepared for the creaks, shakes and rumbles. Still managed to have several small spots of water intrusion despite everything new exterior in the last 4 years.
Back to working on it this weekend to get ready for the next one.

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There was thunder yesterday afternoon that shook my house but none during the actual hurricane.

Tell us more about backup batteries. I can’t justify a $6k generator when the average outage is 1.5 days every 3-4 years. But a battery backup sounds like it may be worthwhile. Depending on cost and run time and length of life

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Lots of trees down in West Columbia but we are fine and grateful


How about the wind noise?

The pressure differential was shaking my interior doors. Thought my roof was going to get lifted up a few times. Spooky stuff.

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The wind noise was there but I have heard that before it sounds like the howling in those old bugs bunny cartoons.

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Latest update.

Power finally came back on at 10pm. It’s been sweaty. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :crazy_face: :grimacing: :scream:

Power and phone service still out in Sienna. Internet is crawling. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Damn Fidium has been down all day.

It sprinkled in Leon County, and the wind blew my spit cup off of my tailgate.

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