OT: KC with another comeback

Yet another combeck from being down by double digits for the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. The 49ers looked like they had them until about 9 minutes left. Those guy are exciting.


Like the Keenum led Coogs you can never count them out until the clock is at 0:00.

Yesterday I asked my high roller buddy where he put his money. He said SF to win and over 27.5 at the half. I told him he was crazy.

Mattress Mack bet against KC and lost big. Again.

I hope those store promotions were worth it.

Mattress Mac never really loses


Winners find a way to get it done…happy for The Big Bear Andy Reid, a class gent

Wasn’t he giving half off or full store credit if the 49ers won?

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This just proves my point. Offense wins championships.

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You mean defense. They have one of the best. And kept 49ers to 20.


KC gave up the 5th most yards in the NFL. That’s a Top 5 worst defense. The NFL Rules support a prolific offense because you aren’t allowed to touch the QB and/or touch the WR after 5 yds.


KC won because they got all of the major calls that could go either ways! These kinds of calls the refs would never give to a Houston team!

All of you people saying the offense wins championships are loonies lol. Does it take points to score? Yes, but how do you score more than the other team? In a situation where both teams were well versed offensively, it was the defense that led the Chiefs to the win. If patrick mahomes had kept scoring, but the defense couldn’t stop the 49ers, then the chiefs would have most definitely lost! I get it, through the season they may have been poor, but in crunch time situations, they have seemed to step up consistently. And its for that very primary reason, amongst other secondary ones, that’s the Chiefs reached and won the Super Bowl. CASE CLOSED. #DefenseWinsChampionships

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Defense wins Championships (everybody knows that)! Breaking News: the team that scores the most points wins!


Were any of those calls wrong? I also found it interesting that not a single holding penalty was called on either team.


But when you are coached by Bill Obrien, you will never win the Big Games. The guy will do the same thing he did this year, next year and so on. Your team up 24 - 0 on the KC Chiefs and you let them drop 51 second half points???

Yes, and true!

CTL always had an eye for talent.

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That’s not correct, the Chiefs only scored 24 points in the second half. After being down 24-0 in first half, they scored 28 points in the last 10 minutes of the 2nd quarter. Instead of another score in the 4th quarter, they decided to just run out clock.

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Big no call on KC on an obvious off-side that probably would of sealed the game for 49’ers with about 6.25 minutes left to play and 49’ers were on KC’s side of the field leading by 10 points and if the refs were calling the game according to the rules instead of trying to help KC stage a comeback, the game probably be over then. 1st and 10 at KC’s 38? Or somewhere around there? Instead it’s 4th down and punt time!

It wouldn’t matter how great Mahomes is if the 49’ers could have added another TD then and there being that they were at close to scoring range there. And at that time they were moving the ball pretty well, having their ways with them until KC was able to stop them with an offside that was a gift no-call by the refs.

That last TD call with about 2.7 minutes left was wrong. When the replay stopped the clock as the receiver’s foot stepped out of bounds it showed the ball did not reach the pylon or the endzone. The ref stretched that interpretation a bit to say it was a TD when it wasn’t. But it was close, but still not a TD. However, I have seen worse calls many times! So, it is what it is!

They kept referring to that and replayed it several times. But they never caught the fact that #68 of SF started to pull back slightly before the defensive guy started and he had not crossed the line by the time the ball was snapped.

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You’re damn right we’re gonna get more of the same thing from Bill O’Braindead! The guy always finds a way to lose big games no matter how close he is to victory! Big-time coaches make big-time gutsy calls to win a game, especially close games! O’Braindead isn’t one of them!

His philosophy of playing not-to-lose won’t work in big games! In big games, you have got to have a mentality of going-for-the-kill every chance you get or the other team is gonna pull out all of the stops to make a come back!

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