OT: Manziel Netflix documentary

Currently watching it.

On one hand the guy sounds fun to party with (were the same age), on the other hand this guy is a knucklehead.

The guy had the 4th string qb passing drug tests for him at A$M

Confirmed those reports of him getting tens of thousands of dollars for signing autographs.

Also confirmed that his family isnt anywhere as wealthy as they proclaimed when he was hanging with those celebrities and taking private planes.

Didnt realize how close McNair was to drafting him until he got drunk at the River Oaks Country Club and trashed the place. (I’m sure some of you old Coogs with deep pockets knew about this)

This man got all of the A&M receivers drunk and was throwing passes to his lawyer and agent the following morning for Pro Day.

He HATED and I mean HATED playing for the Browns. Apparently wanted to do whatever he could to get out of Cleveland.

Said he constantly used coke and oxys and lost almost 40 lbs of his playing weight.

Apparently wanted to stop his lifestyle but didnt know how to at the time.

Thats was a crazy ride.

Such a waste

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I wanted Teddy Bridgewater in the 2014 draft

I kinda want to watch it but don’t have Netflix anymore.

I’d also probably only believe about 50% of what comes out of that dudes mouth.


I recall my brother (an Aggy) and I arguing back and forth who would have a longer NFL career:
Keenum or Manziel


Aggies slobbering all over him was disgusting.

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They still do.


he was a POS then and is a POS now. i don’t feel sorry for lil johny hubcap, or his little “i tried to off myself but the gun jammed” miracle sob story. good riddance.


Seemed to me like that documentary was still only a surface level telling of his story.

On a different note, I think Kingsbury is wise to stay away from college football. He didnt come across well, and seems better fit to work with professional adults and not have responsibility for the care of college students.


What channel/app is it on?


thanks…I see it in the title now!

He is what we knew he was all along, a dipsh*t.


It was a really good doc. He was in a dark place and needed help. It’s a sad story but it nice to see he’s doing good now mentally. Mental health is no joke. He was diagnosed with a serious illness(bipolar disorder). He was about to take his own life. He’s not a bad person just needed help and got lost. It’s a great doc to watch. Also A&M was doing some dirty stuff fr


I have some friends from Kerrville. Apparently the teachers threw a party when he graduated he was so bad.

I work with an aggie said he was only tolerated because he was so good but people didn’t like him.

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Spoke to a big bar guy. He said the people doing Johnny’s bar know what they’re doing and he expects a quality operation


That’s true. They asked the Superintendent if he could graduate early to go to Cali to work with a QB coach. He was more than happy to be rid of him

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Definitely not worth the time watching this “documentary” … seems Netflix is need of content. From a Coogfans history perspective… this was really made possible by Keenum… AM just got lucky they stole our coaching staff… even the dern team chaplain!

Cause he’s the typical Aggie they could rally around and he fits the common demographic there

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