OT: Manziel

Apparently after getting cut from the Browns and the media humiliation conga, Manziel said he intentionally burned through $5 million for one last hurrah before committing suicide.

The gun jammed and he’s still here today.

Im gonna watch the documentary this weekend.


ehhh… I don’t wish that on anybody, but I don’t really feel bad for Manziel.

That being said - even if his off-the-field antics weren’t a “thing”, his style of play wouldn’t have fared out all that well in the NFL.

Johnny Football is a textbook example of a lost soul, and how all the money, fame and success in the world can’t fill that chasm inside you.


A lot of people around him were great enablers that bear some blame for driving him to destruction.

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I’d say you’re right. I also think that’s often the case.

The gun jammed? He’s a lying cowardly punk.

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He should’ve bought a SIG. That MF has never jammed on me.

Not that I would ever want anyone to off themselves.

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Chill, man. It’s no skin off your back. Choose empathy. You’ll be much happier in life.


Well, Sumlin was not exactly a shining example for him.

Classic example of why you shouldn’t play before you get your work done. Discipline is always required in life.

If a round were already chambered, assuming it is a semi-auto, then there is no jamming. The jam would have occurred without his knowledge after the discharge of the chambered round.

If it were a revolver, then no jamming at all.

He should have said “misfire”

Yawn. What else is on, click.

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