OT: Miami Player Demands NIL Raise

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Miami’s Isaiah Wong demanded his deal with a booster be increased or he would consider a transfer. This came on the heels of the booster, billionaire John Ruiz, paying a transfer, high-scoring guard Nijel Pack of Kansas State, $800,000 over two years plus a car to join the Hurricanes

Is there nothing holding the player to a school once they sign the NIL?

This is exactly what I thought was going to be pretty pathetic…college teenagers (or 20, 21 yr olds) making demands like this. It’s not about the game at all. It’s all gimme, gimme, gimme.


Good bye Mr. Wong….I know you are a good player but the team won’t be held hostage….best of luck to you.


Gee….I wonder how much of the “fee” the player will receive?


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Wow! Crazytown…

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Crazy stuff…I played college baseball and got my room paid for…I thought I was pretty darn lucky to have even a small part of my college education paid for by playing a game…things have totally changed.


Like posting a Japanese baseball player ……crazy indeed….

Imagine it turns into FIFA and you can get a player on loan for a year!

**** Before anyone tells me that it’s dumb and would never happen it is just hyperbole.


This is why I love CKS and his no non-sense style. He’s not going to bend the knee to any player, yet will keep on winning because of the culture he’s able to instill with the players he has. There’s a way for players to get NIL deals without being greedy A-holes about it. This is just a hunch, but I’m thinking this is why we aren’t in the final selections for players like Kendric Davis. We’re not willing to get into a bidding war for an amateur player.


Well said @2002Coog

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Been that way with adult coaches forever.


I love Sampson as much as the next fan. But really? He is above all this? He is one of a very small fraternity to have received a show cause for recruiting violations. I know they are legal now, but he got a show cause. He will push the envelope as much as he can.

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I don’t think he was above constantly talking to players he recruited. He does the same now, only legally. I 1000% think he’s above being leveraged by kids and agents for bigger NIL deals for their services. I could be wrong, but I’ll believe that until proven otherwise.

Also, please forgive me if I put zero stock into NCAA infractions. When UNC can get away with fake classes for students while Rob Gray has to sit out a game because someone paid his $5 church league entry fee, I couldn’t care less what the NCAA thinks is legal or illegal.


Many D-I football and hoops coaches make millions. They move to other jobs when they want (and can get somebody to pay their buyout). It sucks for fans that this is where we are, but coaches make millions because athletes play well.

The schools aren’t paying the players, but players can now cut their own deals. This costs the schools nothing. What schools have lost is leverage over players and recruits. Up to now, coaches got it all. Athletes could get in trouble for accepting an alumni paying for an Uber ride or buying players a meal.

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I don’t really disagree with this except to the extent that players are holding schools hostage for what boosters are or are not willing to do. If players really want that level of control over how much they get paid, then leave college and go pro.

I would be way more on board with players just being able to transfer whenever they want, just like coaches. But publicly telling a school you are entering the portal if boosters don’t step up and pay more? That crosses a line. Just my opinion, and I’m certain people will disagree with it, which is fine. But for me, that just puts a stink on the game in my mind. If I were the Miami coach, I would tell Mr. Wong to hit the showers and don’t come back. Best of luck to you elsewhere.


Coaches hold boosters hostage for what they will or will not do. Fair is fair. But it sucks for the fans.

We don’t exactly what it will cost the schools yet, hopefully nothing. However, I am almost positive contributions to organizations like Cougar Pride (or whatever fundraising arm a University uses) will suffer as those dollars go to a handful of athletes and not towards the building of facilities or other school-wide endeavors.

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I thought coaches were paid employees of the University, no? That’s how I see this being different from paid student athletes. I’m fine with them making money but I’d rather they get paid as employees in a minor league basketball league as salaried players, not through school boosters.

If this continues without further regulation, universities will eventually be sponsor names on a jersey, and schools with the deepest pockets will end up with all the best players. That sucks for college basketball. Not that we never saw money being exchanged prior to this, but at least it was somewhat regulated by the NCAA. Nowadays, the NCAA is meaningless.

Probably. How much money goes to a small group (compared to the general university population) of coaches and not to buildings and research or endowed faculty chairs?

Bottom line, the players are going to see some of that money in their pockets instead of a golf simulator in the practice facility.

I give to CP. Before Covid I bought tickets. This isn’t an indictment, but it’s not the players’ supposed greed that is disrupting the old system that worked for a handful of people.

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A small fraction of head coach pay comes from the universities. IIRC, UH pays CDH about $400K, the rest is private dollars for coach’s show, etc.

Why shouldn’t players be able to work for companies and make money while playing ball? Yeah, the Miami situation is ugly, but this was inevitable. Couldn’t have been done with less grace, however.