OT: Michigan State (Might have ramifications in AAC)

So the mess that is MSU football has forced the untimely retirement of their head football coach. Top name being floated around is Cinci coach Luke Fickel.

Oh no! Well what would we expect from the P5 farm system?

I hope they do hire Fickell. We need to be the top team in the AAC.

I would like Cincy to keep Fickell and for Cincy to be really good – and we still be the top team in the AAC. Being the best of a bunch of really good teams is always preferable.


That would make Cinci a great candidate for conference expansion.

A coach has to think he could make magic there, even if some sanctions ensue. Fickell might take that job, though you’d have to think he might wait it out, as he’s on a lot of schools’ radars over the next couple years.

I agree. Fickell is great for the conference. I understand Fickell has recruited the best class in the AAC; which should add to an already very talented Cincy team. Plus, there are too many unknowns with the Michigan State job, including the potential for NCAA violations which occurred on Dantonio’s watch.
Fickell should stay put, keep winning, and wait for something bigger and better to come along.

MSU is a tough place to win big. It is permanently installed as Big Blue’s baby brother. Good luck to whoever gets that gig.

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