OT: Next level trolling by TCU

Very impressive trolling by TCU.

I wish we had a great hype video man like from the H-Town takeover days.



Shouldve put a warning. Video may cause seizures

Clever video. I like it


This was amazing lol

Kinda nervous bc I feel their Maketing team is already going around collecting clips to piece together about us if the beat us next season…it’s what we were instructed to do in Video Marketing teams.

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yeah - you can bet - the fact that we let their “hated” rival Ponies put up 77 on us … when they are making a video to troll us next year - they’ll find a way to weave that in for sure.

I dunno. That was really average trolling with third grade level tech skills. And don’t say that’s what makes it so good.

Look how simple this is…and how dominant a statement it makes…


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