OT: Possible shooting situation at Heights HS

Live on ABC 13, multiple agencies on the scene

Good news so far says that no reported casualties. Several parents are currently reporting that they have heard from their kids.

Judge Hidalgo just said it was a fight between students and things got blown out of proportion. Apparently there was no actual shooter. Local and federal police are still investigating before relasing students.

Night and day difference in response compared to Uvalde.

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When I was in Jr. High the Gym teacher kept several pairs of boxing gloves for just such an occasion. I wonder if that would work now? Most of the kids who used them to settle their differences ended up being able to peacefully coexist and sometimes became friends.


Apparently the reason the shooter threat came about was that someone, most likely a student, made a prank call.

Hope they find who made that call and prosocute them and if it was a student, expel them.


Accoridng to the Chronicle, there were two copycat hoaxes at Waco High School and a high school in Hollywood, California immediately after while Heights was trending on social media.

I dont understand kids these days.


My kids go to Hogg middle a few blocks down. My 6th grader text my wife that her school was on lockdown and was hiding under her desk before we got the alert that it was Heights High. Pretty gut wrenching moment that makes you feel pretty helpless.

Glad everyone is ok.


I think Hamilton locked down too. I grew up in the Heights and am glad this was basically a hoax

Another copycat

Yep. Had the students standing outside for 4 hours waiting to get the 600,000 square foot building swept by police and dogs.