OT: Report: Southern Miss HC Jay Hopson Attempted to Sign Transfer Accused of Rape


What is a coincidence with AB interviewing for the OC job


Do you think one of the questions was “Are you up for the challenge, we have a player accused of rape, nevertheless, a 5 star athlete??”…

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Wow. I guess he will be joining Briles in Europe soon.

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Not trying to defend Hopson, but Coach Sampson pulled in a transfer accused of rape (Dotson) as well as another transfer who at one point was thought to have taken part in a kidnapping of a child (Pollard - who had to testify against his mother). Difference was that neither was found guilty and the school (including President Khator) had to sign off on it.

There is a way to give people 2nd chances; Hopson trying to sneak people through without clearing it ahead of time is not the way. Guessing he’ll be on the unemployment line soon.


Wire this guy has track record of this, and this could with AB. What a sleaze bag, and he does it all behind the veneer of “faith and forgiveness”

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Yes. The second chance is really an affirmation that the authorities have cleared the person or there’s not enough evidence…both of which translate to innocence in our system.

But you never touch the hot potato without one or both of those conditions.

So I guess coach Hopson is trying to make USM into Second Chance U.

Stop judging people. I assure you none of you would want to be publicly judged.


Sorry itcoog but this is an open forum of public opinions where members can say what they want within the rules. I don’t like some things said on here either so I simply do not respond or mute the thread.

I’m sure this Hopson guy is a nice person but he is asking to be fired when he PUBLICLY disagreed with his boss. Since he is taking his fight PUBLICLY, he is going to get scrutinized, ostracized, criticized, judged by the public.

The last time I checked, this is America where we have freedom of speech but if I do something stupid PUBLICLY or say racist stuff on Twitter, I will get a lot of backlash and maybe get fired from my job.

I can’t believe Hopson thought he could get away with putting a player on his team accused of raping at knifepoint but charges were reduced.


Not a good look for USM but this used to be a country of innocent until PROVEN guilty now accusations ruin people’s careers and lives and that’s just crap from a weakened society. There’s nothing progressive about condemning someone until the facts are gathered.

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Dude pled guilty to the reduced charges.

Joshua, did you read the article? Knowing this player’s issues as Hopson did, you would risk your team, your school and your reputation on a player like that who might do it again under your watch?

No I wouldn’t. It said he was accused so I’m guilty of not reading. I was speaking in more of general terms of accusations these days meaning guilt.

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I have a relative who runs the Baylor student clinic. I asked her about the charges of rape by athletes and she replied, “Well, you know there are two sides to every story.” She wouldn’t say more. I’m sure there are two sides to every story and my judgements regarding Baylor are towards the institution which has yet to prove that it doesn’t have a policy of hiding anything that might reflect against Baylor. They practice the Race Horse Hayes theory of how to defend a client, deny, deny, and when all else fails, deny. That’s rather popular in this country.

Dotson’s story was also quite a bit different than this.

But I agree with your general premise. There’s a right way to do things and also “Signs player accused of X” isn’t always the same thing.

Funny you mention this… there’s a news story online where in the UK, posting offensive twitter comments resulted in the British police visiting the ‘offender’. They will lock you up for mere comments across the pond. That’s a shuddering thought.

This shouldn’t be a story to react to by Coogfans considering we hired two Baylor assistants and have a new Baylor transfer that was suspended for “unspecified” team rules.


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