OT: The Engineering Pavilion (Extension of Meeting with Athletics Thread)

This is something I want to gather information on, as I advocated for this during the meeting. Not only were the Athletics Members interested in it, they were impressed that it existed. Not just because ‘hey an alumni association has their own tailgate’ but because it was fully ran, paid for, maintained, and a huge networking opportunity for students. I basically called it a de facto career fair, and students might find it much more lax to ‘have a beer’ (not really) with a recruiter before enjoying a game compared to the tense undertaking of an interview, career fair where you don’t know the person much, etc. Huge networking opportunity.

So, this thread is to ask about any stories, successes, interesting facts? I am going to keep advocating for this, because it seems like they might bring it back next season if not the one afterwards.

That being said, if it is brought back, please incorporate Computer Science networking in there. I do want to see it get moved to Cullen, but also with how much tech is growing and the demand for programmers is out there, it will help raise one of UH’s most popular programs (1800 students) and raise interest in the University for incoming students.


Great idea. Thank you for your efforts!

How is it possible that they didn’t know already?


Thank you for telling our Engineering story.You need to know we had about $50k in the pavilion plus the College paid $1000.00 per month to the University. The University did use it for campus tours on occasion . The Lyondale Refinery was our major supporter along with other important petrochem and manufacturing companies. The success was a lot of Engineering Professors attended so the students could meet them on a casual basis . Dean of the College Joe Tedesco was there too.
Many companies came to the Pavilion to meet students for future employment . The top Engineering students were recruited sometimes for several years before graduating. Often these companies would offer Co-OP opportunities to the students which would be managed by the College.
As you can see this was way more that tailgating and a huge loss to the Engineering students. This “Job Fair” did not occur overnight but grew over time to a powerful tool for the good of the students. Going into the Big 12 could be a force multiplier for the College and University recruiting.


This is a great idea… But my experience was that myself and ALL of my friends had entry level electrical engineering positions by the time we graduated… A lot of them were from the engineering career fair.

More networking opportunities can’t be a bad thing… Good Luck!

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They knew but didn’t know how great it was.

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Why wait? Start as a freshman !