OT: UH Soccer Coach Diego Bocanegra Retires

Sad to see him leave. He really helped build up the Soccer program during his time here, and having seen the soccer team under former UH soccer coach, Chris Pfau, and then the transition over into the Bocanegra era, I can assuredly say that he made us better…like, WAY BETTER.

Hope the next coach is a good fit. Not sure if there is a site that reports no Collegiate Soccer transfers?



Thank you for posting. Diego comes from a “soccer” family. Family comes first. Thank you for your passion.

Was there pressure from the drunk soccer team work out ?


Drunk soccer workouts are right of passage, sir.
Like doing your first solo flight on meth, or cliff diving in Acapulco wearing the complimentary hotel pajamas.

We’ve all done it.

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