OT: Utah and miami host las vegas kickoff classic in 2027

Miami, Utah to open 2027 college football season in Vegas Kickoff Classic for first-ever meeting

still a ways off but its a pretty big deal for the conference, USC vs LSU is the 2024 game.


Both will be Big 12 schools by then


If some schools leave the ACC, why wouldn’t the ACC poach some Big 12 schools in that scenario?

That’s what im saying…

FSU, Clemson, UNC & UVA leave…they backfill with UCF, Cincinnati, West Virginia and UCONN and will be equal, if not better, than the Big 12.

If the Big 12 schools don’t want to make the jump…they add UCONN, USF, Memphis & Tulane and call it a day.

They have multiple paths to survival to keep them on par with the Big 12.

No need to freak out and join the Big 12

If the ACC were to lose those four schools the league would be greatly devalued. It’d be pretty easy to entice the remaining larger public universities to leave.



Because ESPN doesn’t want to pay $30 Million+ to irrelevant schools like Wake Forest and Boston College

The Big 12 media contract pays more than what the ACC’s contract would be worth without FSU, Clemson and UNC


Are the brands in the Big 12 that much more valuable than the ACC? Whose to say that they don’t add Kansas, WVU, and Tech and Baylor or something like that?

No. I think they’re equal.

But the difference is that ESPN isn’t paying the Big 12 by themselves

There’s greater disparity between the haves and have nots in the ACC. They easily have the biggest brands not in the SEC/B10 but if you were to strip away their T-4 remaining brands that would shift. The B12 doesn’t really have any stands out but the bottom of the league is much stronger.

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Well here goes another thread down the tubes


Do you need more information about Miami and Utah?

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What if the ACC uses the 4 departures to “dissolve” the Conference by getting rid of the dead weight then re-form with:

Virginia Tech
North Carolina State
West Virginia
Georgia Tech

They also secure the ACC name similar to how the Big East acquired their name back

Do we need a 15th thread for this same discussion?


Your posts whining about what other people are posting about aren’t really contributing anything new either, js.

I guess we’re square then.

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I think the ACC is about where the Big 12 and Pac-12 in 2011 or so; the big brands are preening and posturing and threatening to leave, sure, but I think it’s mostly bluster at this point. The ACC is going to go back and forth with FSU and Clemson for years trying to make a deal that keeps them in the conference, and eventually, they’re gonna leave. That much, IMO, is just a matter of time. I don’t think that it happens before 2030, though, and I’d be shocked if it happens before 2027.

Again… ESPN is not going to pay $30 Million+ for this

NO WAY those Big 12 schools bolt for a conference like that where they will be in a conference with brands like Tulane and SMU that are even smaller athletic brands than UH.

Not a plausible “what if.”

I only added ONE new school to the list (Tulane). The rest they already are paying 30 million to.

The rest of the ACC leftovers (Boston College, WF, Syracuse, etc.) would go G5 and get paid in the $10 million range.

If not, the rest are ones we mentioned could move over to the Big 12 (North Carolina State, V Tech, Miami, PITT, G Tech, Louisville, Duke)

Dude again…

ESPN would not pay $30 Million for the ACC without FSU, Clemson and UNC nor would they ever pay $30 Million for the Big 12.

If ESPN partnered with FOX? Then maybe… However, that’s not a scenario.

You are pretty much just switching around Big 12 and ACC teams for no reason