OT: Weekly Coog Sports Radio Show, Mondays 4-6PM (Boyz on Cullen)

Two members of CV3 are starting a Coog Sports Radio Show that is live from 4-6 every Monday. You’re able to call in, chill, or listen to some hot takes!

Here is the link for listening options: Live Laugh Lisztomania – ACL Weekend 2, Day One Recap - Coog Radio (University of Houston)

You can press the play button on the right or open up the stream link which is: https://coogradio2.es.uh.edu/coogradio

You can also call in to the show and give some opinions, let’s hear them!


Sounds very cool but I won’t be able to catch it live today.

Will there be a recorded or podcast version available after each show?

No idea on it, really.

All I hear is dance music

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Hey I’m on the site, but there’s only music playing…do you know what’s up with the Boys on Cullen?

They’re on a break right now! They’ll be back in a few (four minutes)

Thank the coach for beating Memphis. He has taken a lot of heat this season.

Show is live in ten minutes (5:30) and call ins are encouraged!



Do yall have an insta so I can follow to know when yall go on?

I wfh so I listen to podcasts, etc. ALL FRICKIN’ DAY…I’m always fiending for some Coog-related content.

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boyz_on_cullen I believe.

Thank you. Will look it up.