Other AAC games

UCF down 14-0 at Pitt and looking terrible, also SMU up 15-7 at TCU. These are the notable ones IMO.

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Temple down to Buffalo 10-7 early, Tulsa down 7-0 to Wyoming. Still early. UConn got destroyed as expected. Not good if UCF gets blown out.

It will end all that talk about UCF to the playoffs crap we are hearing

we want UCF in the playoff genius

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TCU fumbling everything. I hate to say it, but I like these SMU uniforms.

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I know that, my sarcasm is they ain’t getting in, they’ve went undefeated and still didn’t get in, and I’m tired of the media talking like they might get in when we KNOW it ain’t happening genius lol

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Annnd UCF gets their punt blocked and returned for a td

21-0 Pitt

And the overrated chants have started in Pitt

UCF recovered a Pitt fumble… On Pitt’s 30


Big momentum swing for UCF.

Temple down big also…and to Buffalo…SMH

Temple with a muff punt leads to UB TD.

Khalil Mack’s brother strip sack on Russo leads to UB TD.

Temple w a 2nd targeting. Their All-ACC LB -Shaun Bradley gets kicked out.

Buffalo runs it over & over right at his replacement on a 6 minute drive 84 yard drive for a TD

Temple down 24-7@ the 1/2.

RARE to see Temple get beat on like this.
Buffalo running it down their throats.

Buffalo lost:
All Mac WR to the Chargers, another to grad transfer-Miami,FL, All Mac TE grad trans to MD, & another WR to Iowa.

How is Temple not just stacking the line?
Still plenty of time but they need a new plan.

Looking forward to watching AAC kickers not miss multiple field goals in a game today. That’s gonna be wonderful.

Buffalo also lost their qb to the early draft which is looking like a bad decision more and more every day.

UCF cuts Pitt lead 21-10

We need a defense like pitts

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Tyree Jackson- a giant but “can’t hit the broad side of a barn w a shotgun” on the NFL level.

AWFUL in preseason for the Bills. Nobody picked him up.

Buffalo is actually becoming a pretty good program.

We need a defense like anyone that isn’t us.