Other Coaches Marvel Over Kelvin Sampson's 17-2 UH Magic Act — Watching a

Another great write up by Chris. On Bilas’ Twitter feed, so many IU fans still holding a major grudge for Sampson, while Bilas touting CKS for HOF.


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I know some won’t agree but Kelvin is the best basketball coach in UH history. I loved Guy and he should have been in the basketball HOF at the latest as soon as he retired. The 5 Final Fours speak for themselves. That said, you can’t ignore the fact that the nearly decade and a half between those appearances had as many disappointing and underachieving seasons as good ones. Can you imagine an underachieving Kelvin Sampson team? The program he has built has a solid and sustainable foundation that not even the loss of 2 of your best players cannot be overcome. It’s truly remarkable


The Coogs don’t play in your face defense. They play in your skin defense.


Guy V is an absolute Cougar legend, period. But I’ve never seen this kind of team cohesion, team work and team defense EVER. And to see it with Sasser and Mark on the bench for the rest of the year!?!?!

I agree.


X’s and O’s, game planning, and in making in game adjustments, it’s Kelvin. Guy is still the most successful. But someday I hope Kelvin will be that too.

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Fwiw, Jeff Goodman “basketball analyst” said UH should not be ranked in the top 10-15 because they haven’t beaten anybody that would make the NCAA tourney.

Agree Randy.

Loved Guy V but there is a reason we were vulnerable after PSJ.
This is a culture second to none and sustainable.


UH over Oklahoma State by 11 (which have beaten Baylor, Texas). Cougars crushed Oregon by 29 (which have beaten UCLA, USC). Enough said.


We curb stomped Oregon by 30. Who will be in the tourney.

It’s also not our fault that the NCAA is punishing Okie State. Who would also be in the tourney.


I don’t think having a great coach in Sampson now should take anything away from Coach Lewis. It’s ok to have two immortal coaches.


Do you think coach ask them what flavor of gum the opponent is chewing? Lol

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Listen, I LOVE what Sampson is doing here at UH and we’re extremely blessed to have him.

That said, PUMP THE BRAKES on calling him the best coach we’ve ever had at UH. He’s been here eight yrs for crying out loud.

I don’t need to rehash all the incredible things Guy V. accomplished at UH.


“It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.”

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We call this reaching [for a having an agenda/narrative or just wanting to be counter conventional wisdom or to be a jerk] where I come from.

Well Jeff Goodman “ basketball analyst “ can go piss up a rope….signed Pollardsvision “ “Basketball analyst “


Guy V. is and always will be revered as the man that created UH basketball and it’s cache. Coach Sampson will take his place along side of Guy V. as UH greatest Coaches


It’s true that phi slamma was more vulnerable bc of less def and poor free throwing but guy won in eras of both being one of the first in the area to recruit black athletes as well as winning when everyone was recruiting black athletes in phi slamma Jamma. Sampson is prob the better x and o s coach but unless Sampson gets to another 2 final fours or so , you’d have to put guy v as # 1 so far. I do like what Sampson is doing here and it’s amazing. I love the def bc like he mentioned, def is always there even when the offense is off. Just like in football as we saw this yr, so def is the steady that wins more often. On guy v, those phi slamma teams and the late 60s built UH bb and it’s why Sampson was willing to come here to revive the history.


Kelvin Sampson ran out of bubble gum a long time ago

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