Other games Week of 11/22

USF looking bad down 29-18 to NC A&T at home

already blown out in a q4 game 2 days ago…

their roster set is terrible… their best players cant shoot, only drive…so teams just crowd the post, and their offense becomes non existent …their defense is even worse

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Shaka has Marquette playing more like VCU already so I think this will be a much better fit for him

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Shaka is a great guy and coach. I hope he succeeds well beyond what cow does. I like Beard…but I hope cow has seller’s remorse.

Early indicator that the Big 10 is overrated as usual? Cincy plays Illinois in a week, would be sweet if they could pull the upset.

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We seriously may beat USF by 50. My goodness they’re awful!

Way they’re going they won’t just be sub-200 they’ll be sub-300 in the NET.

Penn State getting destroyed by UMass.

But Big 10 is zee best!


Marquette just can’t knockdown wide open 3’s.

USF squeaks out the win

Lamar down 8 to Ga Tech with 7 mins left

I just left the game; Penn St looked terrible against an ok A10 team. They’re worse than expected, which was already pretty bad.

Penn State was -4 favorites.

They did not look good at all

For those worried about attendance GA Tech’s gym looks about 35% full…if


Illinois :joy: :joy: :joy:

Its amazing, Shaka leaves Austin and regained his coaching powers :joy:


Wow! Illinois choked down the stretch. Curbelo the point guard for Illinois is terrible. They are going to struggle against any team with length. His decision making is atrocious. Nice win for Shaka tho.


Oregon St @ Tulsa on ESPNU. Close game mid way through the first half

Wisconsin is our likely matchup next Tuesday playing on FS1

Tulsa’s home crowd is horrible

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