Other Than Beating UConn, Last Week Was Rough For #HTownTakeover

Other Than Beating UConn, Last Week Was Rough For #HTownTakeover


Sean just can’t escape from UH. He’s like a jilted lover at this point.

As far as the playoff discussion, we’re about to go into week 6. There will be upsets along the way; always are.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Big 10, SEC and ACC all cannibalize each other to a certain extent.

Ideally, it might have been better for Louisville to beat Clemson, but honestly I do not see that as a lost cause. One of the threats to the Coogs in the playoff was having to deal with 2 ACC teams getting in. The fact that we need to win out to make a possible playoff happen by default means that we provide Louisville their 2nd loss, thus automatically disqualifying them from contention to a playoff spot, and in effect the threat of 2 ACC teams getting in. That’s a potential win in my book.

Assuming we win out, I see the SEC champ, the ACC champ, the Big 10 champ, as automatics. The biggest threats then become the PAC 12 champ and a second Big 10 team. The Big 12 team will do itself in this year. What we need to happen is have the PAC 12 champ have 2 losses, as well as Michigan (they will lose to OSU). If that happens, our prospects look great, and the Louisville loss to Clemson was harmless.

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I don’t see Michigan having 2 losses, but if they lose to OSU, it will be the last game of the season before conference championship games. A loss that late in the season plus no conference championship might/should end their playoff hopes, but who knows. I’m equally concerned about 2 SEC teams because of the timing. I think Alabama will make it through unscathed, but what happens if A&M beats Tennessee this weekend, then loses to Bama and Tennessee beats Bama in the SEC championship game? In that case, I can see Bama and Tenn getting in along with B1G champ and ACC champ. The fun part of this scenario is that the SEC cannibalization between Bama, Tenn and A&M all happens in the next 3 weeks (which is why I may be more concerned about 2 SEC teams than 2 B1G teams). A&M v. Tenn this week, Alabama v. Tenn next week and Alabama v. A&M the next week.

2 teams from the same conference are not getting in the playoff.

Why? Well OSU was supposedly the most talented team of all time, then lost 1 game by 3 points. They did not get into the playoff.

You could argue that since MSU got absolutely destroyed in the semifinal vs Alabama, going forward the committee(ESPN) may have softened on the whole “must be a conference champion” criteria.

I won’t believe it until I see it.

Two teams from the same Conference Division never made it to the BCS National Championship game either…oh wait…

And the BCS is the same as the CFP…oh wait…


I just say never say never…I think it can be a likely scenario, especially from what we’ve seen in the past…

The optimist in me says no way.

6 teams (P5 and ND) for 4 spots. So UH needs 3 of those teams to go down any given year.

But, if we also have to look out for teams who “pass the eye test” and teams who “have superior talent”, then it is hopeless.

Man I hope the Big12 expands so we have a fair shot.

Man we’ve come a long way. Here we are debating our chances of making it to the CFP and NO ONE in this country (except maybe a couple of Tech fans) is the least bit put off or amused by our conversation. We are a totally legit contender for football’s top honor. And some of us will be sorely disappointed if we are “relegated” to a NY6 game. The times they are a changin’.


If we go undefeated with our schedule a lot more people will be sorely disappointed than just UH fans.

At this point it is not about UH, it is about the structure of division 1 cfb.

If half of the teams have zero chance of competing for the championship than 1 of 2 things need to happen.

  1. Expand to 8 teams, with 1 or more of those slots to G5 teams automatically.
  2. Separate P5 and G5.

Of course, no sane CoogFan wants option 2. But if we have no shot to start with, why bother?

Why does Sean care?? He basically said we are irrelevant in this city. He needs to go back to what he’s good at - interviewing 3rd team running backs from a mediocre team. It’s radio gold for them.

The optimist in me says we could have the most important 3 game stretch in our history with a game against top 5 Louisville, a ranked 1 loss Memphis team, followed by a championship game against a ranked 2 loss South Florida team. That’s a solid stretch and enough to give us a huge boost to end the year. It’s all about what have you done for me lately for the pollsters anyway. Let’s gitter done!

Memphis has a pretty tough conference schedule and they do play USF so one of them will have another loss from that game.

I’m still not sold on USF. They still have to go to Temple and I wouldn’t write Temple off yet.

Empty article imo.

assuming we keep cth and the program moving in this direction with top 20 recruiting and 13 win seasons…eventually they will stop talking about our g5 schedule…especially if we keep hammering the p5 teams we play…it is possible with tillmans money to survive as a p5 in a g5 conference…spin the conversation, keep building the fan base and when the tv ratings are consistently high and the stands are full with 55k butts…
we really need to start feeding the marketing machine…playing to the world of college football what an exceptional accomplishment this really is…
eventually the momentum will be too big to ignore and either a reorganization will place us in a p5 coneferene or we will gain inclusion as an independent like ND.

Who really cares what other teams do at this point? The Coogs need nobody’s help to get in the CFP. Just keep winning and its very likely they get in the playoff.

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