7-0 Cowboys

Gundy to LSU

7-7 now. If OU beats OSU, do they have a rematch in the CCG?

Yup. Rematch. If ou loses Baylor is in v osu

Lot of good music coming out of Stillwater these days.

14-7 Cowboys

I want whiny girl to lose


Definitely aint very Oklahoma cowboy

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Wild game!

Great KO return

Where is this vaunted OSU defense at?

Watching the game.

We are in for a paradigm shift when we get to the Big 12.

Time to step it up on every level. Particularly fandom.


Bigger, Stronger, Faster…
We need to catch up.

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We will

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Is anybody on OSU’s team not a track star? That’s the fastest bunch of dudes I’ve ever seen.

And ditto for OU.


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Our team that beat Okie Lite was super fast

This is a great game. Exciting play on both sides.

Speed always beats size

  • Bill Smith, Aldine Mustangs (maybe loosely paraphrased)
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Frank Beamer used to let his fastest 10 players play on kickoffs.

Speed we can keep up with them size wise another story

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Do not understand. OSU has them covered but keeps getting interference.