OU football protects a woman-beater

OU doing their best Baylor impression. These people have done anything to win since they named their school after land thieves. I hope every one of our football players reads this article.


A one game suspension is needed.


This is almost as bad a mindset.

Uhhh … the sooners are DESPERATELY short of good RBs … unless you want to play some un-tested rookies …

the rest are … well to follow the ole adage … white men can’t jump … white sooner RBs can’t run … but for blocking and decoys they are excellent … :wink:

You are thinking it will be the UT game right because they will make the call on when that suspension happens??

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“Move along…Nothing to see here…”

I am thinking that a 1 game suspension, regardless of which game, minimizes the severity of this type of behavior.

That was sarcasm J.

I think the satire may be lost on you.

The guy had a string of comments minimizing her experience. Her tweets are now protected, most likely a response from the tons of hateful responses she got from OU fans. Our society will turn on a woman in an instant if the accused is a sports star (unless there is video evidence).

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