OU inflating data to get a higher ranking

There are several websites reporting this … here is one …


Not certain if this belongs here or on the Satellite … but it could be related to OU’s attempts to leave to a better P5 …

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I’m sure the B1G presidents would be interested in this. When I was in college, plagiarism and cheating were grounds for suspension and looked upon harshly. This falls in the same category in my opinion.

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OU was classified RU/VH by Carnegie in 2011, the same time as UH. Did they mislead Carnegie also?

Temple Business School lied too. It’s a pandemic.

I think these types of reporting issues at colleges (and for that matter, everywhere) are far more common than the average person thinks…whether because of negligence/incompetence or purposeful manipulation.

I think all of those rankings are manipulated for recruiting purposes, just for smart kids instead of football players. They should all get thrown out.

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Checking if Oklahoma is a public land grant university named after a state…yep they’ll be fine nothing to see here.

In all my born days I could not imagine a school administration cheating on anything.

Not possible!

I don’t believe a word of it!

Did Barry Switzer become an administrator?


They dropped substantially last year from the 90s to 120+. Maybe the data was corrected or it was Pell Grant related. Still higher than Arky, Bama and Ole Miss.

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Now the link says…Whoops! Page Not Found
It must of never happened:-)

I’ve always found it very appropriate that the school is literally named after cheaters. Sooners are the people who left early in the race for free land in Oklahoma. It explains their culture quite a bit.


News Flash…Oklahoma became the last State in the Union to ban Cock Fighting…
Claimed that it was part of their “culture”.

If you look at this list Oklahoma is a SEC state.

To me Texas schools are either Pac 12 schools (Like us) or Big 10 schools (Like Texas).

That’s been a huge problem with the UNWR rankings. I believe Baylor got hit about a decade ago and there have been a number of schools that may not have cheated, but did juice their rankings a bit.