OU should beware Tom Herman, who became nation's hottest coach by keeping his cool

OU should beware Tom Herman, who became nation’s hottest coach by keeping his cool

“Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech, I had a chance to pick his brain a little down at the Peach Bowl golf challenge they have for coaches. Paul has been a coach a long, long time,” Herman said. “He said he had this big game, a national game, rivalry game once. Basically from the January after the previous season throughout spring ball, they were doing one extra jumping jack for this opponent or one extra pushup for this opponent, and everything was centered around that game.

“They lost, and he said it was a good month before he had his team back because they were crushed. They had spent upwards of nine months getting ready for this one game. And they lost it and they didn’t know what to do.

“That’s not gonna happen here.”

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Man, Houston has not had it this good in such a long time. Our program is truly in the spotlight for many reasons, but the main one is our heralded head coach. Over 23K season tickets already in a non-P5 conference due to this one man. We’ve got to keep him at all costs and with Uncle Tilman, I believe that we can.

Tilman realizes a good investment when he sees it! Coach and UH qualify!

I love his take on gearing up for a single game and then not knowing how to handle the rest of the season. He won’t even go over OU films until two weeks before the game. I get it! The man is a genius!

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