OU Thin QB Ranks

OU Thin QB Ranks


“Mayfield started all 13 games last season but suffered a concussion against TCU and missed the second half. He also suffered an apparent concussion against Clemson in the Orange Bowl.”

Drop him a few times and he might have big problems.

I dont wish concussions on anyone, but even with that set aside Mayfield doesn’t do well once he starts getting hurried and hit. Those are the games that he struggled in. He is going to have a horrible game against us.

Here’s to the UH defense taking extra special care of Baker Mayfield. Take no prisoners!

I don’t wish injuries on anyone either, but I’m convinced we can body blow this guy into playing poorly. And that’s not wishing injuries, that’s just tough ball play. I’m sure Orlando is gonna have multiple blitz packages ready to pound Mayfield over and over and over.

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Gotta stop the run. Do that and OU will struggle. They don’t like being forced into a pass-only team. Stop the run and we’ll rattle Mayfield.

I like our chances against OU. It is hardly a lay up but the game is winnable. I like that Orlando has a summer to get ready for OU. I worry about Louisville.

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