OU/UH Recap; Sports Radio 610 beef breakdown on The Weekly Brew podcast

Lot of Coog talk on Episode 59 of The Weekly Brew podcast. The episode begins with a lengthy discussion of the OU/UH game from Saturday, the implications of the huge win for the program, and some of the responses of Houstonians around the city (including Kevin’s mom, who is a perpetually cynical, negative fan).
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Our second guest is Aaron Wilson (Chron Texans beat reporter) who briefly talks NFL before Sean Pendergast of Sports Radio 610 joins us.
Aaron Wilson on The Weekly Brew podcast

LET IT BE KNOWN: I invited Tom Herman to come on the show (I’ve asked him several times, in fact) to talk about the fallout between him and Sports Radio 610, and he declined, so I next went to Sean Pendergast, who’s been a guest on the show before. I, myself, am a diehard UH fan, who grew up with two parents who graduated from the university, cut my teeth covering the basketball and football teams, and I was just curious to hear about the conflict from someone who was directly involved. I like Sean, and I’m aware that many UH fans adamantly do not. However, love him or hate him, he is directly involved, and the perspective was (to me) interesting.
Sean Pendergast of Sports Radio 610 on Episode 59

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Herman has nothing against Pendergast.

If Pendergast worked at a different station, Herman would do a weekly spot.

So Pendergast making this somehow about HIM is complete BS.

If you wanted to interview someone who is “directly involved” then you need to talk to Blopez.

Well, but I don’t like Lopez. I wouldn’t invite him on the show, because I don’t want to hear from him. I appreciated what Sean had to say about the fallout, and he did basically say “hey, mistakes were made” in terms of tweeting AT Herman when the link to that article went out.

But long story short, I try to only have people I like and enjoy on my show, and it would not be worth it to put up with a Lopez segment just to hear his perspective on the fallout. Having Pendergast on is a comfortable medium, and we got to talk Texans for a while, too.

I don’t think Sean made it ‘about him.’ I asked him about it, and got him to speak on it, so that’s on me, not him.


First of all, good podcast. Like listening to you guys as its pretty easy listening and good info.

Sean talks about the “lunatic fringe” of the UH fanbase; maybe he should look internally to his own station; a station that seems to not care whether Tom Herman is on it at all (as Sean continuously points out on the air, in your podcast, in his articles, etc). Here’s a 610 producer:


And whoever made the comment comparing this to Donald Trump: Trump bars certain press members from even attending his little events and singles them out for ridicule. Pretty sure Coach Herman hasn’t done any of that and 610 is even invited to his press conferences, practice, teleconferences, etc if they want to come. Whether they want to come is a different question – many reports from the other beat writers that they didn’t even show up until the end of last season and then tried to “big-time” the others.

Works both ways, fellas; media has to be responsible as well and 610 has shown time and time again that they are more concerned about “ratings” and “clicks” rather than being a responsible source of media. In the same vein as the talk of how Coach Herman would do in a small town, the question has to be asked how these 610 guys would do in a small town as well. I can guarantee you that if you piss off the local college coach by inferring that he’s committing NCAA violations or writing articles linked to erroneous reports and where he “should” go when he’s doing well, you’re probably out of a job at some point.

Tom Herman, from what I know, has not commented on it at all and has turned the page.

From what I can tell, 610 is obsessed with talking about this and criticizing Tom Herman for having thin skin. Seems ironic, if not hypocritical.

610 meanwhile wants to grab headlines by making it an issue.

610 has had a high proportion of articles/posts/tweets about Tom Herman leaving UH, in comparison to articles/etc about other UH football topics.

Looking at all of that, seems weird there is even a story here other than what 610 can squeeze out of their outlets and willing participants.

I like Sean, I understand he’s got to back the boss…I understand he gains from friction in this story…but he’s wrong here.

As it freaking should be.

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This reminds me of when one freshman fumbles and the whole offense (seniors included) has to do up-downs. That’s how coach works. Actions have consequences, and 610 keeps fumbling. If they weren’t feeling it they wouldn’t be talking about it. But their anger is misguided. They’ve set themselves up on the wrong side of the hottest story in football, let alone Houston. They haven’t figured out who’s in charge here, and haven’t “bought into the culture.” It’s 2016. You gotta know the time. Their tact was “short-sighted,” and they’ve been “locked out of the locker room.” I’m sure they could earn their spot back. I know everyone would love to see 610 represent UH in an honest and positive way. In that scenario, everybody wins. Anybody on that staff who is serious about doing a good job should be angry with anyone on that staff who is fumbling and causing the whole team pain. Coach is going to force a culture change on local media. It’s MENSA baby.

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