Ouch! Stanford eliminates ELEVEN varsity sports!


Surprised it lasted that long - now the cup at the end of the year is officially open to all


I hope this brings financial sanity to college athletics. But I doubt that it will.

The opulence in college athletics seems distasteful in the light of everything.

They got 27 Billion in endowment. If they do this now wait for everyone else.

They were definitely out of control with the number of sports they were funding. So, they were under water before COVID. COVID just made the iceberg surface that much more.

That is why I have stating how critical it is that a football season occurs for if it doesn’t most of the college sports community will be making massive cuts after this year. I fear for the non-revenue sports. Even if football occurs the revenue shortfalls are going to be huge.

Hopefully the virus is basically gone next year and we have a massive economy to run with. If not, duck and cover.


Most Div. I schools are going to need NCAA exemptions to cut sports unless the 16-sport requirement has already been cut or abated. I think UH only has 16 or 17.

Maybe the big schools will fight an exemption to try to bankrupt some of the lesser schools and knock them out of FBS.

Or instead of an exemption they can change the rules.

The membership “owns” the NCAA. The membership can do what they want.

I am not naive. I understand that deals with the devils will need to be made to get the required votes for rule changes.

UH’s AD has 15 programs. 6 on the men side and 9 on the female side.

I thought there was something on how Track was counted.

Indoor / Outdoor might count as two sports.

Correct, but I have no idea why since they are the same scholarships. 17 sports at UH, 16 is the minimum.

Can’t believe Stanford had 36. I didn’t even know squash was an NCAA sport and had no clue what lightweight rowing was.

Didn’t realize that track got counted twice. Same athletes and T&F is listed on the website once for men and once for women. They do have separate championships.

Not sure why they do that, they don’t do it for golf with a fall and a spring season although one championship by conference and NCAA.

Just to be clear. It Is actually 3 for each sex.

Indoor Track
Outdoor Track
Cross Country

That is 6 sports under one Head Coach.

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I only found out when one of those MAC schools dropped 3 sports by getting rid of men’s T&F and cross country. Most math I have ever done trying to count to 3.

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I think most have a separate cross country coach who also does distance runners for track, but yes track coaches have a lot of athletes to handle usually just with one full time assistant and then some volunteer or grad assistants helping. We have one of the best cross country coaches in the country here at UH with Steve Magness. If you ever want to learn about running breaking it down to a molecular level, check out his book “The Science of Running”.

Actually Cross Country is listed separately on the web site and its different athletes and the mens and women have their own head coach.

But I thought Leroy is in charge of the whole 9 yards just like Tom Telez before him.

Chain of command I mean.

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