Our 5 Previous Midwest Regional Titles

No shot clock nor 3 point line for any of these games:

  1. UH. 83. SMU. 75

  2. UH. 103. TCU 68

1982 UH. 99. BostonColl. 92

  1. UH 89. Villanova. 71

  2. UH 68. Wake Forest. 63

Average Score of all 5 Games; UH. 88. Opponents. 74

This year’s team allows 54 in The Midwest Regional.

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I wonder how well UH would have fared if Sampson coached the talent GVL had during his coaching era. Would we have won a NC with PSJ talent? Another NC with the Hayes/Chaney team talent? More Final Fours?

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I actually have thought this myself.

I don’t know if Guy V changed but the Phi Slamma doc made it seem like he was loose with star players(nobody tells Rob what to do) and players coach. I doubt those guys respond to Sampson’'s coaching. Even Sampson has said we only go after guys that would fit, not necessarily the best players.


Good point. However, I believe players like Olajuwon, Drexler, Micheaux, Young, Lynden Rose, David Rose, Anders, etc. would have responded positively once they learned how Sampson’s style of defense would win games. We would still be a potent team without Williams.

Possible result…we beat N C. State!! Win a NC.

Not sure about Anders responding. Guy V took in a few players who had issues. Sampson is less likely to do so. I loved what we had then and love what we have in this era. I trust this team not to lose to a team they should be in the tournament.
Guy V lost a few times to teams we should have handled.

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Times were different too. If they wanted to play for a hard nose defensive coach who talks about culture and character, they could have played anywhere. They came to UH because we let the offense rip, and Louisville was probably the only other one close to that attitude.


You can’t make an assumption that we would have won against NCS or others with Kelvin Sampson.
This is not a video game. How many teams have so called superstars and do not win?
We lost period. It took years for Hakeem, Akeem the Dream Olajuwon to win an NBA title. Luck plays a major roles. We reached the Final Four that is what I remember. Winning is everything but we still got there. What we have to look at is what came after Mr. Lewis. We were in a P5 then. Our administration lead to our decline. What I really appreciate our Kelvin is that he is building another Gonzaga, Boise State. Again what is unique is that we are in Houston. This opens amazing possibilities.


The Guy Lewis record in The Elite 8 and Final Four was 8-6.

A winning record at the highest level of competition.

He also was twice #1 in the Nation’s Polls. No other UH Coach did that even once.

His recruiting and coaching flaw was FT shooting. Watch The N.C. State game for an example. Today’s team is far superior at that. At game’s end we have 5 guys on the floor that can hit FT’s. Guy had Rob, then he had Reid. No one else was consistent.

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I seem to remember that the practice facility was the old HISD field house and it only had 2 baskets, so either the team could not get much practice shooting FT’s or they just were not interested in shooting them.

We had been in Hofheinz for 14 seasons by the NC State game

UH never lost a Final Four game because of Guy V’s in-game coaching.
Twice he lost as heavy underdogs to UCLA and Lew Alcindor, without question the greatest college basketball player ever. He lost once to North Carolina and Michael Jordan, arguable one of the best NBA players alltime.
Against NC State, which UH was favored, if Michael Young doesn’t miss front end of 3 one-and-ones and Clyde doesn’t pick up 3 early fouls, Coogs win. And Georgetown had Patrick Ewing and a lot of bulk and height.
UH was only favored the one time and it wasn’t that big of an upset. Dream was yet a complete player, especially on offense.
NC State won a conference tournament that included Jordan and Ralph Sampson at Virginia. Thurl Bailey had a lengthy career. And their 2 senior guards had been together 8 years counting DeMatha High School, which at the time was best program in country.
Their guard who put up that air ball at the end, suffered a broken foot and missed more than 10 games. They played in the ACC and their record was misleading.
I love what Sampson has done and will continue to do with the program. But to say he would have won a Natty with Guy’s players isn’t a guarantee.
I’m just glad we’re not facing anyone as talented as Alcindor, Jordan or Ewing in this year’s tournament.
I respect Oregon State, but I don’t fear them.

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Agree on most but it was a huge upset. I say that still believing NCST was a very good team and under appreciated.

All the stars aligned for that lucky play at the end to win.

I asked Benny what one thing he would change about Guy V’s team during the coach’s last game. (He was hanging out on the concourse)

This was during the upheaval about who would replace GVL. (The Post actually ran an article promoting Benny as the HC …lol)

He responded, “get outa that damn zone!”

Now, I recall Guy V playing a box-and-1 and sometimes a zone when they had a large lead. But I don’t recall him playing a straight zone.

Am I reading that right. Hakeem Olajuwon made the Final Four all three of his years at UofH?


Note the mention of Michael Young missing 3 FT one-&-one chances.

Franklin also did so.

We lost due to poor FT shooting. As I stated.

Lewis played a lot of 1-3-1 zones with players like Big E, Dwight Davis, Hakeem, and others on the back of the zone. Shot blockers.

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Don’t think he played much on that 82 team

Asking Sampson how he would have coached the phi slamma jamma teams is a great question. I would ask that next year at the coaches show!

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Poor Alvin looked like he he was about to cry at the FT line BEFORE he shot the ball.